Mars Enter Pisces & Venus Quintiles NN – Apr 14/15

Thursday, Apr 14, EST, PM

At 11:05pm Mars Ingresses Pisces.

This can be a dramatic shift in our motivations. Mars in Aquarius is motivated to socialize, meet in groups and is aggressive on social media. In Pisces, Mars is motivated to sleep, avoid, escape and he is out of touch with what is getting him to do anything. Here we can feel like we are running hurdles while underwater. People who have Mars in Pisces or 12th House in their Natal Chart are great athletes because they have to work harder, but they also idealize and dream about their physical prowess. So for the next 6 weeks, we may feel sluggish or we may find some deeper motivation for doing things alone. Your passions are more like fantasies that can occur in real life though others may not see it.

Friday, Apr 15, AM

At 7:07am Venus at 10:41 Pisces Quintiles the North Node at 22:41 Taurus.

Venus rules the North Node as it spends 18 months in her Sign. Right now our available resources are hidden from view, but things are happening somewhere. We can magically trust this right now and even dream about what we will do when we see these new resources. If you have a desire you haven’t expressed yet, someone still may surprise you with it and you will find yourself in love with this new situation.

At 11:31am Mercury at 9:05 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 24:05 Pisces.

This aspect may irritate after the wonderful feelings from above. Mercury in Taurus is loving words, but it may not strike the right note with the person you are communicating with. It is some continuation of the things we were thinking about on Mar 23, when Mercury was Conjunct Neptune and Apr 7 when he Semi-Sextiled Neptune. But here Mercury is in Taurus and discussing love, resources, earned income, his bottom line and values. There is a subconscious irritation that its not quite right just yet.

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