Words, Desires, Power-Plays & More – Apr 17/18

Over the next 26 hours, Mercury at 13-14 degrees of Taurus and Venus at 13 degrees of Pisces make a number of aspects.

Sunday, Apr 17, EST

At 7:27am Mars at 1:47 Pisces Quintiles Uranus at 13:47 Taurus.

This is a wonderful energy to get you out of bed and hitting the ground running. OR you could decide to spend the morning in bed with some shared massage and the like. If you are still sleeping, your dreams could be very stimulating and inspiring too. Any early morning Easter Egg Hunt might be just what the younger crowd will be wanting to do.

Over a 6-hour period, Mercury, Venus and Chiron are in a 3-way aspect so I’m lumping it all together.

  1. At 3:14pm Venus at 13:16 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 13:16 Aries.
  2. At 5:35pm Mercury at 13:16 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 13:16 Aries.
  3. At 9:09pm Mercury at 13:32 Taurus Sextiles Venus at 13:32 Pisces.

Normally Mercury and Chiron would be some expressed insecurity or lack of motivation and with Mercury in Taurus, a feeling of lack of love. But as Venus is aspecting both of them, and she offers healing, this 3-way should be a great opportunity to express love and offer a hug where you feel someone needs it.

At 9:43pm Venus at 13:34 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 28:34 Capricorn.

This aspect will be a little less healing, perhaps. Someone may be trying to get into a power struggle with you or reminding you of some debt you owe. Or you may feel not quite beautiful enough to want to merge physically with someone.

Monday, Apr 18

At 12:51am Mercury at 13:49 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus at 13:49 Taurus.

Now someone new may pop up and you are suddenly attracted to. Maybe they send you a text message or something via a social media platform and it surprises and delights you at the same time. It can also be a unexpected communication that wakes you up. Or you may hear about some surprising new resources that someone would like to ‘gift’ you with. You won’t miss this aspect’s energy!

At 3:15am Venus at 13:49 Taurus Sextiles Uranus at 13:49 Taurus.

Now Venus may keep you up all night thinking about that text, those resources and how you might be able to use them.

At 11:51am the Sun at 28:34 Aries Squares Pluto at 28:34 Capricorn.

Here we will have some clarity about our goals and purpose, but also how it is running counter to someone in authority’s financial plan around money you share, or their money that you use. This could be a bank or corporation that is restricting the flow of monies to you. Or you may just see clearly the games these plutonian entities (powers-that-be) had been playing on you to keep you from pursuing your personal goals and purpose.

At 12:51pm Mercury at 14:42 Taurus Quintiles Mars at 2:42 Pisces.

With the revelation from Uranus last night, now you will effortlessly know what to do or say in order to continue to meet your financial plans or loving actions towards someone new.

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