Sun Enters Taurus – Apr 19

At 10:24pm the Sun Ingresses (fancy Astro word for ‘enters’) Taurus.

The Sun just Opposed the Moon on Saturday in the Full Moon in Libra, Sun in Aries, the midpoint to the month of Aries energy: Spring, action, self-assertion, intiating action and aggression. So we are still wrapping up the 30-cycle of Aries energy from the New Moon in Aries on Apr 1. The Full Moon in Libra is regularly associated with some aggression as the Opposition that causes us to SEE (Sun) our FEELINGS (Moon) around the contrast of SELF (Aries) in relation to OTHERS (Libra, open enemies, friends, significant others) can lead to some need for SELF assertion.

Just 3 days past the Full Moon, the Sun now enters Taurus and seeks clarity not around self anymore, but around our values, valuables, available resources, possession/possessiveness, and beauty. Mercury has been in Taurus since Apr 10 bringing us ideas and plans around these Taurean areas of life and now the Sun will show us the REALITY of this area of our lives so we can set CLEAR GOALS and purpose for acquiring our ‘wants and needs’ (Taurus).

The Full Moon in Aries, in THIS annual cycle, put us into the Eclipse Wormhole of RAPID CHANGE. We are moving quickly through to the Solar Eclipse of Apr 30 at 10:28 Taurus followed by the Lunar Eclipse of May 16 at 25:18 Scorpio. Eclipses are harbingers of CHANGE! They change the areas of our lives as shown by the Signs where the Eclipses occur. In this case, across the 2 Money Houses of Taurus (my money/resources) and Scorpio (yours/ours money/resources).

With the Sun entering Taurus, we will now start to SEE some of the changes in front of us. Taurus is FIXED EARTH and represents the ‘wealth’ of the minerals within the Earth…. Asset-backed/Gold/Silver, etc currency? Uranus Transiting in Taurus right now is helping us to REALLY be INVENTIVE around ‘currency’ which Uranus rules: electrical and financial. Uranus is the great leveler. He likes this to be EQUAL and fair. He promotes philanthropy and gifting unexpectedly. Its going to be a thrilling ride through this Eclipse cycle.

The Sun will enter/Ingress Gemini on May 20 and we will start working the plans associated with the goals and purpose we are getting clear about over the next 30 days.

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