Venus Reaches Neptune – Apr 27

Wednesday, Apr 27, EST

At 1:11am Mercury at 27:11 Taurus Sextiles Jupiter at 27:11 PIsces.

NOTE: Mercury reached 26:05 Taurus and entered his Shadow Phase 1 of his upcoming Retrograde cycle. So our plans, ideas, communications, transportation issues will be up for revision when he does Retrograde from May 10 at 4:52 Gemini to May 22 when he returns to 26:05 Taurus.

Jupiter has moved on from the 22-24 degrees and so this is some new energy here as Jupiter separates from Neptune a bit. Jupiter expands things so this can bring a LOT of communication, mental activity that may clear the air in some situation. You may make some plans that are optimistic with your finances or love interest. You will feel benevolent around someone you love and you can show some new appreciation for them. Spiritual values can be expressed.

At 6:43am Venus at 24:24 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 24:04 Aquarius.

Venus reached the 22-24 degrees of Pisces on Monday when she Sextiled the North Node in Taurus. Now she will meet both the Karmic Planets today.

This is a minor aspect that can bring up some restriction to our beauty, our finances and feelings of love. Or we may decide to stay in rather than going out today or last night. Venus in Pisces is happy to isolate anyway so Saturn is just making it more likely. We need to focus on our new values and new ways to acquire that we are arriving at while Venus Transits through Pisces.

At 3:11pm Venus at 24:28 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 24:28 Pisces.

This energy of realizing how our values are morphing and dissolving has reached its peak now as she meets Neptune in his own Sign. Our resources may be hidden at the moment, but we sense there are things moving behind the scenes. The dissolving our old own finances, attractions, beauty and values was needed so we can be more fully in touch with the next cycle of Taurean energy which will be highlighted by the Solar Eclipse at 10:28 Taurus on Sat, Ap 30 (at 4:28pm EST). Look to go on faith alone for the moment that all will work out as it should. KNOW that the Universe provides and be content in this quiet space around your resources. You could experience some hesitancy, but shift it into surrender to the void while things move to create the new financial system and values that will benefit our connectedness.

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