Into the Eclipse – Apr 29

Friday, Apr 29, EST

At 2:35pm Pluto at 28:36 Capricorn Stations Retrograde.

Pluto is the 1st of the Outer Planets to Station Retrograde. Since Jan, all the Outer Planets have been in Direct motion. Now Pluto will begin the review stage of energies being the first to Retrograde. Pluto will Retrograde to 26:07 Capricorn Stationing Direct on Oct 9.

This could well be the ‘flip’ to all power-plays similar to the Book of Esther with Mordecai and Haman for all those versed in Bible Mythology (mythology are stories that convey truths about the archetypical stories of the human experience). Pluto’s role during his tenure/Transit through Capricorn is to help the people RECOVER their personal sovereignty from the ‘powers that be’ (Plutocracy/Deep State/Satanists of the Age of Pisces) who have ‘oppressed’ us because we forgot our personal freedoms grant us immunity from the 3D matrix of FEAR. As Pluto crossed over the 1776 US’s Natal Pluto at 27:33 Capricorn for the first time over the last few months, we are experiencing the death (3D) and REBIRTH (5D) of the US Republic. It is TIME for We The People to STAND UP and leave the fraud/shadow side of government, corporate and banking authority as Pluto has shown us since he Ingressed Capricorn in 2008.

PLUTO is TRANSFORMATION and not ‘death’, which is a 3D lie of our conscious/physical mind that only sees the physical world. But there is a dormant stage in which we work with Pluto’s energies to TRANSMUTE and TRANSFORM the power structures of Capricorn. His Retrograde Station is part of the Solar Eclipse chart which will be with us for the next 6-month Eclipse cycle. While Pluto is Retrograde, the government, banks, corporations, political structures and all public authorities are in a weaker position and the People can turn the tide creating the TRANSFORMATIVE change.

Pluto rules SHARED RESOURCES… while in Capricorn, he is bringing up issues with resources we share with corporations (401k/retirement), government (taxes) and banks (loans, debt, etc). Something is ready to shift here as well.

But besides all of this, Pluto makes a BiSeptile aspect to the Sun and Moon at the time of the Eclipse. A Septile is an aspect derived from dividing the Zodiac Wheel of 360 degrees by 7, a spiritual number. A BiSeptile’s energy is spiritual responsibilities and connection to group karma. In other words, ‘do the right thing with our public shared resources to satisfy everyone’s bottom line and well-being. Great energy for NESARA/GESARA which is the ‘program’ to change the world from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The wealthy and powerful MUST divest themselves of their holdings in order to satisfy the universal concepts of Aquarius. Which also rules philanthropy and charity.

At 5:07pm the Sun at 9:32 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 24:32 Pisces.

There is an irritation here around our goals and purpose involving our finances, our personal resources and values. But what we see will allow us to better understand what Neptune is dissolving in our lives in order to make room for the new energies we need to align with. Neptune Transiting through his own Sign of Pisces is wrapping up all the hidden things that were part of the ‘good and evil’ of the last 2000+ years. Set new goals to align with Aquarian/Uranian energies that take us into a 5D reality. The Sun will Conjunct Uranus at 14:17 Taurus a few hours after midnight on May 5. Things will starting to get very clear that we are entering a new reality around our values and personal wealth.

At 6:23pm Mercury Ingresses Gemini.

Mercury enters his own Sign of Gemini and will be truest to his own nature. But he is already in Shadow Phase 1 (first pass) of his upcoming Retrograde Station. He will reach 4:52 Gemini on May 10 and Retrograde for his usual 3 weeks. In 5D, you know not to trust Mercury as he is double-minded and unstable. So expect some changes to your plans and ideas. Leave room to change things as Gemini is ‘mutable’, aka changeable ideas.

Look for Saturday’s post about the Solar Eclipse to be posted early tomorrow. This is the best time to really FEEL Planetary energies and to see how ACCURATE they express our reality.

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