Venus Enters Aries & Mars Semi-Sq Pluto – May 1/2

Sunday, May 1, EST

At 6:37am Venus at 28:36 Pisces Sextiled Pluto Rx (Retrograde) at 28:36 Capricorn.

A nice aspect that is a 3-way with Jupiter as Venus is just separating from her Conjunction to Jupiter and Jupiter will Sextile Pluto on Tuesday at 6:33pm (same degree and minute). Here we had our hidden desires working productively with our need for personal sovereignty and transforming of our power, career and shared resources. Venus ruled the Eclipse yesterday as it occurred in her Sign of Taurus. There is much going on around finances right now. And Pluto is nearing his end of the Capricorn Transformation (well, in 2024), but this power-struggle with elites and the Plutocracy is nearing a shift of power back to the people. Venus is ready to start a new annual cycle tomorrow as she enters Aries so we will SEE some ways to act on our desires and ways to acquire what we need or want.

Monday, May 2

At 4:15am Venus at 29:38 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 14:38 Taurus.

This morning there is likely to be some irritation between our hidden desires and some shocking new desires dealing with our resources. Venus in Pisces (subconscious mind) is often a ‘fear of lack’ but Uranus is FEARLESS and wants her to divest herself of some of her hard-won possessions to favor the good of all… to EQUALIZE resources where needed. Or you may find that what you THOUGHT you had has now been dissolved in some way. Are you ready to share more and possess less? Are you ready to NOT keep account on your finances like every breath you take is tied to your hoarded items? In the Age of Pisces, our subconscious fears were externalized in Virgo, the Sign of the Accountant and keeping track of everything. In the Age of Aquarius, Pisces is our 2nd House of personal resources and finances and we will keep them more hidden, we will operate more on faith. Uranus will force you, in a small way, to change your beliefs and personal values to better reflect the energies ahead.

At 12:10pm Venus Ingresses Aries

Now our desires will be taking place in a more physical way. We will initiate some action to pursue our needs and desires. We will realize ways to move in this new cycle around finances. Our motivations are new and our actions will show us just how this will start and progress over the next annual cycle. Venus will enter Taurus on May 28. So for now try to see how the end of a financial era has been wrapped up and what our new directions will be.

At 10:50pm Mars at 13:36 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 28:36 Capricorn.

We are irritated as we feel someone is blocking our path or playing power-games with us. Though it may just be in our own subconscious and best not to react to authority-types and financial backers. NESARA/GESARA is bringing an end to the old banking system and some of these folks may not be happy about it. Steer clear of any aggression. Keep your frustration in check and see how some of our old aggressive ways need to change as we move into Age of Aquarius, too. Mars hasn’t reached Neptune, yet, but will do so on May 18. For now, see how our motivations are morphing and how our old ways of asserting ourselves is dissolving for a new path when Mars enters his own Sign of Aries on May 24. From May 24 on, all Personal Planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) will be operating in the new annual cycle that is working with the recent Solar Eclipse to bring a RAPID FRESH START to our personal bottom-lines (aka finances).

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