FREE 5D Astro Reading! Book NOW!

As Venus moves through 0-3 Aries over the next few days, she is initiating a new annual cycle around our Personal values and resources AND she is completing the 5th point of a 5-Star within my Natal Chart. AND 0-3 Aries is my 11th House of Astrology and Philanthropy by Rising Sign… so FREE IS GOOD! And I’m willing to GIFT you with a Reading so you can get in touch with the new 5D energies we are all moving into.

Just send me an email at with your date of birth, time of birth and city of birth and some times you are available for a Reading. I will book as I can. Leave me your phone # so I can text you to set a time.

Looking forward to this FUN time to read new people and to raise the consciousness of those that I can.

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