Productive Motivations & Healing Touch – May 14/15

Saturday, May 14, EST

At 9:23am Mercury Rx at 4:12 Gemini Quintiled Mars at 22:12 Pisces.

This morning our plans and motivations were working effortlessly together. We could have chosen to just stay in bed and sleep in as well. We are reviewing our communication-style, our plans in our neighborhood, etc. so we may have actually initiated those revised plans. Mercury first crossed this degree and minute on May 6 so you may compare what you said or planned at that time with how you have revised them today.

At 7:31pm Mars at 22:32 Pisces Sextiles the North Node at 22:32 Taurus.

Here our motivations are Soulful and we may be dreaming/day-dreaming of some wonderful desires but may or may not act on them at all. Maybe we are realizing we can be content with what we have and there is little need to compete for more.

Sunday, May 15, AM

At 8:12am Venus at 14:44 Aries Conjuncts Chiron at 14:44 Aries.

Some healing touch may be just what you want and need right now. Be sure to reach out and give some a hug that has been feeling insecure or wounded. If they have lacked motivation maybe you can assist them with your smile and encouragement.

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