Into the Lunar Eclipse Reset – May 15/16

Sunday, May 15, EST, PM

At 1:30pm Jupiter at 0:55 Aries Deciles Saturn at 24:55 Aquarius.

This 36 degree aspect is half of a Quintile that is magical. The Decile is ‘resourcefulness.’ Jupiter and Saturn are the 2 Interpersonal Planets so likely you are in this aspect with another person. Jupiter could be a mentor, elder or spiritual friend. Saturn is someone in authority or who is cautioning you in some way. Still, you can find a way to relate to this person and turn it into something helpful.

At 2:49pm the Sun at 24:55 Taurus Squares Saturn at 24:55 Aquarius.

This afternoon the Sun moves through the Saturn Semi-Sextile to Neptune that will exact on Tuesday morning. The Sun will show us a bit of what this aspect is about over the next few hours.

Saturn in Aquarius brought us lockdown as soon as he entered the Sign. So we still have some restricted socializing going on, but we could also be launching more ‘virtual’ careers as well. The Sun in Taurus is showing us our values and helping us to set goals for acquiring the resources we want/need. The Square means there is a challenge here. Taurus wants what Taurus wants and doesn’t appreciate the restriction in their abilities to acquire. Restricted desires. Lack of beauty. These are the challenges.

At 3:15pm the Sun at 24:56 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 24:56 Pisces.

Now the Sun meets productively with Neptune and sheds some light onto his hidden ways of dissolving and removing things from our lives. What we see today shows us that what is leaving is necessary for us to achieve our goals and desires. There can be some contentment from within us that even though Saturn may be restricting us, or pruning us back, we can easily move through the challenge with grace.

At 10:14pm Venus at 15:25 Aries Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 15:25 Taurus.

Some flashes of creativity, unexpected desires or philanthropic donation or merely a change in your appearance or hair. Its a minor aspect of inspiration around your desires and personal resources and ways you can use them to suit your newfound freedom.

Monday, May 16

At 12:14am the Moon at 25:18 Scorpio Opposes the Sun at 25:18 Taurus creating the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses are ‘Emotional Resets’ that shut something down in our lives in order to make room for the full promise of the Solar Eclipse on Apr 30 at 10:28 Taurus. Taurus/Scorpio are the 2 Money Houses: my money (Taurus) and your money I use or you lend me (Scorpio). If you picked up a new way to acquire at the Solar Eclipse, you will now need to wrap up your feelings about the ‘old way’ of earning a living or acquiring your desires. If you found a new love interest at the Solar Eclipse, you may need to wrap up the old intimate situation (getting over them) in order to fully embrace the new love/r. If you have debt or shared resources you need to resolve, it may just be done for you right now.

Either way, look to the exact timing of the Eclipse to see how your emotions are reset allowing you to move forward with your new values, new income opportunity, new beauty routine, etc.

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