Saturn Semi-Sextiles Neptune & Mars – May 17/18

Tuesday, May 17, EST

At 11:39am Saturn at 24:59 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 24:59 Pisces.

In Jan 2021 Saturn at 3:55 Aquarius Semi-Squared Neptune at 18:55 Pisces. Now they are in an easier aspect of a 30 degree orb, Semi-Sextile. It is always more comfortable to have Saturn and Neptune, the 2 Karmic Planets, in a productive, rather than hard, aspect. Saturn’s Transit through Aquarius has restricted our socializing and meeting in large groups which has us focused more with online connections. Neptune’s Transit through his own Sign of Pisces is dissolving a cycle of roughly a 165 years as he nears the end of Pisces. He is emphasizing our interconnectedness and memories of multiple lifetimes and all those memories, nudges and fears associated with them. This Semi-Sextile is the last aspect before these 2 Planets almost exact a Conjunction in early Aries in 2025. For now the Semi-Sextile across Aquarius/Pisces has us wrapping up some Karmic lessons dealing with self-awareness, electrical things and our collective unconscious. Aquarius and Pisces/Neptune are Higher-Mind energies and together they can generate an ability to know most anything. Saturn can seem to restrict the awareness and inspiration of Aquarian energies, but can also make us pay more attention if we seek to focus rather than fear the change. In the background of all of the other energies at play right now given the Eclipse cycle, this is indeed a helpful energy. See if either Saturn or Neptune are aspecting one of your own Saturns and Neptunes to see if you are in a Karmic Return of your own.

At 10:31pm Mercury Retrograde (Rx) at 2:45 Gemini Semi-Squares Venus at 17:45 Aries.

Some irritating words or mix-up in plans. Mercury is in review mode and so we can expect some changes, but it could cost us some money to make these changes and that could be the real irritant here. Do your best to smooth things over with anyone stay in your Higher-Mind energies. Mercury Rx should always be greeted with flexibility.

Wednesday, May 18

At 2:33am Mars at 24:59 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 24:59 Pisces.

If you have been avoiding something lately, or sleeping more, you can thank Mars in Pisces. As he exacts with Neptune, procrastination could continue. Mars is moving right into the Saturn/Neptune Semi-Sextile, however, so Saturn may help you with some awareness or necessary changes that allow you to avoid less and get more accomplished.

At 2:43am Mars at 25:00 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 25:00 Aquarius.

It is nearly impossible to separate out the culmination of Mars to Saturn and Neptune right now. But our motivations will show us what this Karmic aspect has been about. Saturn and Neptune will actually exact a 2nd Semi-Sextile on May 31 at 25:15 Aquarius/Pisces. So this aspect is going to be at play through that time. Mars will move on, though, and we can feel more motivated once he does. As he meets Saturn, he is less likely to socialize with groups or new acquaintances. He is mired in some Karmic energy and having to respond in less physical ways.

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