Sun Trined Pluto & Astro Forecast – May 19

Thursday, May 19, EST

At 8:11am the Sun at 28:30 Taurus Trines Pluto Rx at 28:30 Capricorn.

This aspect is separating, but you may have gotten the clarity and it might be easier to notice AS it separates. Sun in Taurus is setting new financial and love/attraction goals and purpose. Pluto in a Trine is a financial or career benefactor who can support your purpose. Or it could just be that you can easily see a way to merge with another to make your own resources stretch further.

At 9:33pm Mercury Rx at 1:42 Gemini Sextiles Jupiter at 1:42 Aries.

A helpful aspect if you need to communicate some philosophical approach or big picture idea. Or maybe you initiate a call to a foreigner to check in and see how things are going in their neck of the woods. Motivation to communicate and express yourself is high and optimistic. Mercury is reviewing some of the ideas and plans he made on May 1st. But now with Jupiter in aspect to that same degree, the changes will be beneficial and fortunate.

ASTRO FORECAST: We are still in the Eclipse Wormhole until the New Moon in Gemini on May 30 so we can still expect some RAPID CHANGES up until that time. Mars will enter his own Sign of Aries on May 24 and that will be a noticeable shift as we begin to act on a new set of motivations for his next cycle around the Zodiac. Mercury is still in review mode and changing up some plans until he Stations Direct on Jun 3 at 26:05 Taurus and then Saturn Retrogrades on Jun 4 at 25:25 Aquarius.

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