Mars Conjunct Jupiter – May 28/29

Saturday, May 28, EST – Both aspects have occurred as I write this.

At 8:51am the Sun at 7:11 Gemini Quintiled Neptune at 25:11 Pisces.

Effortless feeling of contentment with our plans, goals and local transportation. Boats (Neptune/Pisces) are suddenly everywhere near the water on this Memorial Day weekend. Calm waters to just float along.

At 10:46am Venus Ingressed Taurus.

Now in her own Sign of Taurus until Jun 22, Venus is in her truest state. Beauty, love, touch, finances, personal values and valuables, women and all those earthly pleasures are what our hearts desire now. Venus joins Uranus and Mercury Rx in her Sign now. She will Conjunct Uranus on Jul 11 at 16:53 Taurus.

Sunday, May 29

At 6:31am Mars at 3:20 Aries Conjuncts Jupiter at 3:20 Aries.

We have been feeling this aspect build for the last 36 hours as Mars reached a 1-degree orb of Jupiter. Expansive motivation. Spirituality in motion and applied actions. Legal actions. Starting a vacation or long-distance trip. Aggressive broadcasting. Random acts of kindness. And on and on. Platonic passion. Galant gestures. Let’s see what this brings in YOUR life. For me, 3+ degrees of Aries completes a 5-pointed star with my Natal Planets which form 4 of the points. Loads of optimistic actions are on tap!

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