NESARA is HERE!! – May 30

Monday, May 30, EST

At 7:30am the Moon at 9:03 Gemini Conjunct the Sun at 9:03 Gemini creating the annual New Moon in Gemini.

If you have been looking into NESARA, you would realize THIS New Moon needed to occur BEFORE we would SEE the money. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, rules money transfers, contracts signed and sealed. It is the Sign AFTER the needs are identified, seeds planted which sets the stage for Gemini to deliver the money. Its going to be an interesting 48 hours or so. This New Moon also signals a fresh start around local community, neighborhood activities, early childhood and classmate stuff along with our communication style and the way info circulates in your neighborhood/community.

At 2:39pm Venus at 3:42 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 3:42 Aries.

A minor aspect between the 2 Healing Planets. Venus is in her own Sign and concerned with beauty and available resources. Jupiter brings optimism, good fortune, global things and benevolence. A great aspect to occur as 210 countries initiate the Quantum Financial System for NESARA/GESARA. Jupiter rules broadcasting and there could be some new broadcast message of good fortune allowing us to feel ‘wealthy’ and erasing any ‘lack’ our 3D mind still holds.

At 6:03pm Saturn at 25:15 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 25:15 Pisces.

Because Saturn is slowing down to Station Retrograde on Jun 4 at the same degree and minute of this aspect, this energy is very potent. The 2 Karmic Planets have been in orb of this aspect since they first exacted it on May 17. That is the day 34 States (Saturn rules governments and boundaries) met in a Convention of the States to leave the US Corporation and restore the Constitutional Republic. Neptune dissolves things and in this case the bonds with the ‘old guard’. So today is likely another powerful day for starting anew in the areas of individual freedom and equality for all (Aquarius) and now Neptune rules the 2nd House of ‘available resources and individual’s bottom lines so there is a dissolving here of the old ‘bottom lines’ (aka old financial system) in order to realize the new structures supporting freedom and financial equality for ALL.

Behind the scenes of all of this GOOD STUFF, is Uranus applying to a TriDecile to Pluto. These 2 Planets bring ‘drastic change’ and will exact this aspect over the next few days. A TriDecile is 118 degrees, or a Quintile (5D magic) plus a Decile (resourcefulness). A Tridecile brings ‘mental growth and unfoldment’. Pluto rules shared resources and in the Sign of Capricorn, we are talking about the resources shared with governments, banks and corporations. Uranus rules change and will EQUALIZE things and the Sign of Taurus, he is EQUALIZING our personal resources by using the ‘stored up’ resources of the wealthy oligarchs who have held the power for so long.

As you can SEE, all aspects today are BRINGING THE NEW CHANGE of the Financial system, governmental structures and freedom to the individuals. Happy Memorial Day!

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