Awaken to the Infinite or Perish – Jun 1

Wednesday, Jun 1, EST

At 1:09pm (exacting now) Uranus at 16:21 Taurus TriDeciles Pluto Rx at 28:21 Capricorn.

A TriDecile is a mental unfoldment aspect that is a combination of a Quintile (5D/magical/effortless) and a Decile (resourcefulness) or 3 Deciles added together. It is a quasi-magical aspect of 108 degrees.

Uranus and Pluto energies combined create ‘Drastic Change’. Uranus is in Taurus which rules our individual bottom-lines and the personal resources we each have. Uranus like to change things up in shocking and unexpected ways. He rules currency, electrical currents, internet, wifi, social media, groups as well as individual freedom. Pluto rules resources we share with others or others’ resources that we use: debt and taxes in Age of Pisces OR TRANSFORMATION through TRANSPARENCY and HONESTY in the Age of Aquarius. Pluto is in the Sign of Capricorn which rules governments, banks, corporations as those who controlled our ‘shared resources’ as a Plutocracy (in 3D) or Cabal. In 3D, Pluto rules death and destruction and that is how he appears to those who are not awake. But to the rest of us, he is vast transformation of the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the destruction this oligarch has left in their wake.
Uranus wants to EQUALIZE resources in Taurus. Pluto wants the people to take back their personal sovereignty rather than submit to the FRAUD he has been exposing to us.

This TriDecile could be the mental unfoldment or ‘awakening’ the masses need right now around the corruption of the governments. Look for cyber attacks, look for some loss of internet for short periods and look for the largest Transfer of Wealth to be REALIZED in the minds of the ‘normies’ or they shall perish because they are our ‘zombies’ and souless projections of our 3D minds.

FYI – no need to perish and don’t look at those that may dissolve from your reality. It is all apart of the aging of the Astrological Age.

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