Mercury Stations Direct & MORE – Jun 3

Friday, Jun 3, EST

At 4:00am Mercury at 26:05 Taurus Stations Direct.

As he is Stationing, Mercury is in less than a 1-degree orb of the aspects he made to Saturn (Square) and Neptune (Sextile) that he made on Apr 24. On Tuesday, Saturn exacted the 2nd Semi-Sextile to Neptune and now they are barely separating from that aspect as Mercury comes so near to them again. There is likely some thoughts, ideas, plans and values expressed that tie together Apr 24 and May 31. Mercury is able to express what that Saturn/Neptune aspect was all about.

Mercury has been Retrograde since May 10 when he reached 4:52 Gemini. Back in Taurus, with his ‘review/Retrograde’ phase done, we could hear some final say on our available resources, plans for spending some of our ‘wealth’. We could also realize some new values that we hold around our sense of beauty, love and finances.

Mercury will enter Gemini again on Jun 13 and we will begin to make our final plans around local community, early childhood learning (K-12), classmates, local transportation, etc. For now, though, we will still be making plans around our finances, earned income, love and values. This is the final pass to 26:05 Taurus to 4:52 Gemini.

At 3:05pm Venus at 7:15 Taurus Quintiles Saturn at 25:15 Aquarius.

This is a magical/effortless/5D aspect around our beauty, love, resources, values and our restricted social media or socializing in general. Here we can see how less social networking has magically allowed us to feel more love for someone or ourselves. Or we have more time to pamper ourselves. An authority may bless you with some philanthropic gesture to pad your bottom line. As Saturn is already in his Retrograde Station, his power is pronounced. Your sense of responsibility could be rewarded.

At 4:59pm Mars at 7:21 Aries Semi-Squares the North Node at 22:21 Taurus.

Some irritation around us initiating some touch, however, could be part of the above exchange. As we thank the person for their generosity with a hug, it could feel a bit awkward or unnecessary. Or you are already out the door spending that money and realize you could have been more gracious.

At 5:18pm Venus at 7:22 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Mars at 7:22 Aries.

Just 20 minutes later and you have this aspect to smooth things over. Our rush to spend or our hug will all be well received in the end.

At 6:21pm the Sun at 13:19 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 28:19 Capricorn.

An adjustment will create an ease between our goals to communicate or makes plans and an authority who holds the purse-strings or is over-stepping in some way. Its rarely helpful to antagonize a Pluto-type, but you must make your own plans for your own good. Still if they are financing things, just adjust yourself accordingly and all should go well. As Capricorn is the 12th House of hidden things in the Age of Aquarius, you could just receive some mail that you need to think about your response to it in light of all the new information the Sun in Gemini is clarifying for you. The Pluto-entities power is dissolving so no need to buy into their old sense of importance. Its a new day!

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