Saturn Stations Retrograde – Jun 4

Saturday, Jun 4, EST

I sat down like 3 times to write this BEFORE Saturn Stationed, but Saturn is Transiting my 10th House of Astrology (Aquarius) and was restricting my ability to do so. Waiting for the right awareness is usually more helpful than meeting some ‘timeline.’ So here you have it.

At 5:47pm Saturn at 25:15 Aquarius Stations Retrograde.

Saturn rules Cardinal (initiating) Earth energy. Saturn BUILDS things! Saturn rules public authority, politics, governments, banks, corporations, fathers, father-like authority, political/governmental boundaries, power, careers, social status and the status quo. So when Saturn Retrogrades, these areas are weaker and under review.

Aquarius rules change, awareness, equality, personal freedom, group-think, save the world, all things electrical (internet, currency, revelation, etc.) and astrology. So we will be reviewing all the changes completed, or yet to be so, around Saturn areas. Structures are changing. Last year Saturn and Uranus made 3 Squares together, literally a ‘changing of the guards or status quo.’

Saturn Stationed in a near Square to Mercury as he Stationed Direct early Friday morning. So there was also restriction around thinking, writing, communicating as we took in the awareness Aquarius was trying to provide. Stationing Planets are potent. Mercury’s Station can make us indecisive. Saturn Stations just halt things more than usual. Look to the Houses where you have 25+ Aquarius and 26+ Taurus to see how this felt and in what areas were you most affected.

Saturn will now retrace his steps back to 18:35 Aquarius (right on my Midheaven so no telling how slow, focused or powerful things might get then) on Oct 23. Until then, we DO need to review our public structures and make the necessary changes. Saturn rules Capricorn and in the Age of Aquarius Capricorn is the 12th House of hidden things. This summer, while Pluto remains in Capricorn, we will see more destruction (Pluto) and dissolving (12th House) of our public structures (Capricorn. Saturn in Aquarius is initiating new structures for greater personal freedom, awareness, currency and ways to build personal freedoms.

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