Sun in Expanded Awareness & Mars Quintiles Pluto – Jun 7

Tuesday, Jun 7, EST

At 5:36am the Sun at 16:38 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 16:38 Taurus.

The Sun in Gemini is like the Sun Conjunct Mercury: it clarifies our plans, our communications, ideas and it shows us things in a physical form. Uranus in Taurus is shaking up our Fixed Earth and equalizing Taurus’ wealth for everyone. Mercury/Gemini rules contracts, agreements and actual transfer of funds. We may see some of the changes Uranus has been making to our personal bottom-lines. Uranus is sudden revelation and it could bring some philanthropic activity to your neighborhood. Or you may find yourself making plans to help your neighbors financially.

At 7:41am the Sun at 16:43 Gemini Quintiles Jupiter at 4:43 Aries.

And the good fortune continues with some optimism and expansive action from Jupiter in Aries. Yes, we can DO this! We can see what needs doing and ways to get it down. We can communicate our goals effectively and spiritually to lift everyone’s spirits.

At 10:48am the Moon at 16:51 Virgo Squares the Sun at 16:51 Gemini creating the First Quarter Moon.

How is being of service to others working in our neighborhood? Do we have all that we need to meet our goals and purpose? We are in the month of local community, local transportation, early childhood learning (and graduations) as well as making plans with siblings and neighbors. How is our daily schedule helping us with the focus of this month?

At 3:18pm Mars at 10:15 Aries Semi-Squares Saturn Rx at 25:15 Aquarius.

We are motivated to start something, but Saturn is demanding some caution around groups of people, our philanthropic awareness or boundaries with another. We would be less likely to act than normal, but the aspect below could trump Saturn’s caution.

At 3:44pm Mars at 10:16 Aries Quintiles Pluto Rx at 28:16 Capricorn.

It is not much nicer than this if you are in pursuit of passion or intimacy. This 5D aspect offers effortless energy that feels miraculous. Your actions will be well received and you are likely to accomplish a merger of finances or intimacy.

The next few days are without aspects between the Transiting Planets. You are likely to have aspects made to your own Planets, but the ones that affect all of us are quiet for a few days. It all starts up again on Friday afternoon.

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