Ease & Soul Awareness of our Desires – Jun 10/11

Friday, Jun 10, EST

At 5:21pm Mercury at 28:13 Taurus Trines Pluto Rx at 28:13 Capricorn.

This is Mercury’s 3rd Trine to Pluto throughout his Retrograde cycle: Apr 28, May 25 and today. Trines can make things so easy that we don’t really notice the results. Here we have an ease in talking about our personal resources, earned income and personal values with someone in authority around our careers or financial foundations. We have been through a review of these matters and are signing on any debt or investment that has been worked out.

At 9:16pm Venus at 15:48 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 15:48 Aries.

A minor aspect and given that Venus is a Healing Planet, its not too painful. Venus is in her own Sign as well so smile, hug and help someone with any insecurity that are facing. If you are the one lacking the motivation, give yourself a chance to be pampered and relax rather than fight it.

Saturday, Jun 11

At 6:57pm Venus at 16:53 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus at 16:53 Taurus.

As Venus met Chiron on Friday night, that was ‘Soulful’. Now she’s in ‘Awareness’ as she Conjuncts Uranus tonight. Our desires are other-worldly or galactic and Soulful both. We could suddenly gift someone in need. Or we could experience ‘love at first sight’. We could be amazed and inspired by some sudden resources coming from a place we weren’t even looking at. There is an electrical current bringing love and abundance and we can feel how nice it is to share what we have without any thought of return. Blessings are flowing. Move into the flow and realize a new realm of desires.

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