Summer Solstice – Jun 20/21

Monday, Jun 20, EST

At 3:44am Mercury at 6:24 Gemini Sextiles Jupiter at 6:24 Aries.

This aspect occurred earlier today. It tends to increase the amount of conversation, make our thoughts and words more optimistic and spiritual or philosophical. In Aries, Jupiter expands our motivation. We want to discuss big ideas and have a positive outlook of the future.

Tuesday, Jun 21

At 12:29am Mercury at 7:26 Gemini Quintiles Neptune at 25:26 Pisces.

Mercury is aspecting his 2nd Higher-Mind Planet in less than 24 hours. The 5D/magical Quintile makes things effortless. We can say what needs to be said. We are content with the way things are going here. We can express what is on the collective unconscious’ mind. We have just the right words to make someone or ourselves feel connected.

At 4:24am Venus at 28:01 Taurus Trines Pluto Rx at 28:01 Capricorn.

Here our own money and our collective capital are productively helping us meet our wants and needs. Finances are backed with some support from others who have more wherewithal. Touch and intimacy are easily achieved.

At 5:14am the Sun Ingresses Cancer which is the Summer Solstice.

Summer Solstice

When the Sun enters a Cardinal (initiating energy) Sign, such as Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, a new season is upon us: Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The chart of this “Ingression’ into a Cardinal Sign is with us for the 90-cycle Seasonal Cycle.

In the Solstice chart for EST, Mars is Conjunct the US’s Natal Chiron. Talk of ‘summer riots’ is likely with this position. As the US is a Cancer Sun Sign, the Sun entering that Sign will make things visible to our population. Chiron has just passed the 1st Square to the US’s Sun in Cancer, but will come back again soon enough.

The ASC for the East Coast at 20+ degrees Gemini makes a Biquintile to Pluto Rx. Could there be news of some financial nature involving shared resources with the governmental structures? Venus is also Trine to Pluto in this chart so that is added extra value around finances and everyone’s bottom-line and available resources.

Mercury is Quintile to Neptune adding extra support of effortless contentment, communication and favorable contracts.

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