Venus in Gemini & Semi-Squares – Jun 22/23

Wednesday, Jun 22, EST

At 8:34pm Venus Ingressed Gemini.

Leaving her own Sign of Taurus behind, Venus is now using words to heal and show her affections rather than the touch that is her hallmark. Female siblings, cousins and classmates may be highlighted over the next month.

Thursday, Jun 23

At 5:58pm Mars at 21:57 Aries Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 21:57 Taurus.

This aspect has likely held the Mars Conjunct the US’s Chiron at bay. Though it is hard to rely on any Natal Chart for the US in its current state. But here we have some Soulful values (NN in Taurus) applied to our motivations and aggression. This is a helpful thing for the times we are in.

At 6:40pm the Sun at 2:26 Cancer Semi-Squares Uranus at 17:26 Taurus.

The Sun is leading the Planets through the Zodiac Wheel. The Sun in Cancer highlights mom, home, family and land. We are in the month of Family Reunions. This Semi-Square to Uranus is bringing in some awareness around our values, our earned income, available resources, but the aspect is a bit irritating. Uranus in irritation aspects makes the revelation or awareness harder to receive. The Sun offers clarity around our feelings while in Cancer. Cancer is self-protective and security conscious. If you are worried about resources right now, you NEED that flash of inspiration from Uranus to show you some new ways to acquire what you need. GIVE without thought of return and both you and your grantor are both blessed ten-fold. THAT is the essence of the Age of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus. Apply this giving to family right now.

At 7:47pm Venus at 1:09 Gemini Semi-Squares Chiron at 16:09 Aries.

Some more irritation, but nothing a smile or hug can’t help with. You may have just the right words to help someone who is feeling insecure or unmotivated. Seek to heal rather than to use aggression in this situation.

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