Self, Wealth, Neighbors & Family – Jun 28/29

Tuesday, Jun 28, EST, PM – Loads of aspects in the next 22 hours!

At 3:08pm Mars at 25:26 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune Rx at 25:26 Pisces.

A minor aspect but one that allows us to feel contentment around our actions and motivations.

At 8:59pm the Sun at 7:18 Cancer Squares Jupiter at 7:18 Aries.

Not as nice as their Conjunction, but the clarity and higher perspective we can attain with this aspect will serve us well as we approach the challenges of Friday’s Mars Square Pluto. Look for ways to use your extra motivation to do things with family and to tend the land.

At 10:52pm the Moon at 7:23 Cancer Conjuncts the Sun at 7:23 Cancer creating the annual New Moon in Cancer.

Now we have full clarity of feelings and goals around family objectives. We can set new goals for the entire next year today. Though most of the energy will be focused on the next month. As the US is a Cancer Sun Sign, it is the start of our new identity and purpose. Should be a clarifying 2 weeks ahead.

At 11:51pm Venus at 7:19 Gemini Sextiles Jupiter at 7:19 Aries.

When the 2 Healing Planets meet, it is nothing but expansive love and abundance. As Venus is in Gemini, there is plenty of love and wealth to be talked about. Jupiter is offering a spiritual and global take on your needs and wants.

Wednesday, Jun 29

At 2:23am Venus 7:27 Gemini Quintiles Neptune Rx at 25:27 Pisces.

It will be effortless to express your love to someone. You may actually just dream of doing so, but still the results will be felt as you open your heart to someone. Or you may be receiving some new ways to acquire some resources or use your resources for the good of your community or a neighbor.

At 5:52am Mercury at 19:20 Gemini Quintiles Jupiter at 7:20 Aries.

Now you are planning new ways to be more benevolent, optimistic and spiritual. Your words are healing and your actions further express your thoughts.

At 10:09am the Sun at 7:49 Cancer Semi-Sextiles Venus at 7:49 Gemini.

Now you can see ways to beautify your home or add a neighbor into your family plans. You are seeding love into your goals and are expressing things lovingly.

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