Magical Desires & US’s Pluto Return Rx – Jul 10/11

Sunday, Jul 10, PM

At 9:28pm Venus at 21:34 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 27:34 Capricorn.

Our words tonight could just land us some physical intimacy or some financial backing for a creative project dealing with siblings, classmates or neighbors. Someone in authority is opening up the purse strings and saying ‘go have fun.’ We are happy to enjoy some luxurious spoiling.

Monday, Jul 11

At 10:00am or so Pluto Rx at 27:33 Capricorn Conjunct the US’s Natal Pluto.

This is the 2nd pass of the aspect that is literally the ‘death of an Empire’. With Pluto Rx we are making changes to bring about that ‘transformation’ of our public structures and political arena (Capricorn things). Integrity needs to be restored and that will mean a total transformation of our public authorities. Capricorn rules the father and ‘bread-winning’ careers and social status. Pluto rules shared resources such as taxes, debts, inheritance, child support, alimony, sex for shared resources or even prostitution… all of the ways we use someone else’s money. These power-brokers of Capricorn, which includes governments, banks, corporations, political and public authority, are undergoing a total destruction in order to rise again like the Phoenix from the Ashes. Something we may expect DJT to actually DO here very soon if not right on this 2nd pass, maybe the 3rd and final pass late winter 2023. Or maybe he will be SEEN for a short time near this aspect and then go underground again. 27:33 Capricorn forms a Biquintile to DJT’s Natal North Node in Gemini. So there is some miraculous energy for him at this time.

Thankfully, in the Age of Aquarius, Capricorn goes from being the 11th House of groups of powerful men/women to being the 12th House of hidden energies. So most of the transformation of the US’s Pluto Return is hidden from view. If this were the only major aspect from Pluto to the US’s Chart this year, that would be a much easier energy to navigate through. As Pluto Stations Direct on Oct 9 at 26:07 Capricorn, he is finally moving away from the Opposition to the US’s Natal Mercury at 24:27 Cancer. Its a good feeling to leave all the ‘duality’ that Mercury brings.

In 5D, we learn to NOT react to what is SEEN as we move from duality to singularity or ‘good and evil’/divergent thought’ to ‘fusion/convergent thought’. This is why my novel about the changing of the Ages is titled: “Binary Fusion”… from 2 to 1.

Pluto’s Transit through Capricorn has been all about showing us the ‘evil/shadow’ side of power and power-brokers. Which is also forcing the people to take back their sovereignty and leave the matrix of fear… Pluto Opposite Mercury because Mercury fears EVERYTHING! The ‘drain the swamp’ is a metaphor for getting rid of the corruption Pluto has been revealing. That is finally in our rearview mirror and we should not look back but move toward the unity that Pluto’s Transformation is promising.

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