Personal Clarity, Wounding & Values – Jul 12/13

Tuesday, Jul 12, EST

At 11:45pm the Sun at 20:46 Cancer Sextiles the North Node at 20:46 Aquarius.

Here we have some Soulful clarity around our values regarding family, home, mom and land. What goals should we set to meet our Soulful desires to love and nurture those in our closest circles? Its easy to see what needs doing.

Wednesday, Jul 13, AM

At 12:08am Mercury at 16:25 Cancer Squares Chiron at 16:25 Aries.

Here, however, we could have some painful words spoken to us or by us. It can sting for a minute, but you are bigger than this insecurity or lack of motivation. A family member may tell you that you are not doing enough or they may show you they feel like running away from home right now. This is a typical 3D response to this energy. If instead you just SEE something that challenges you, know that in 3D it can sound bad, but in 5D its just an energy.

At 12:27am Venus at 24:07 Gemini Trines Saturn Rx at 24:07 Aquarius.

Here we will have the right words to help someone feel they are a part of a bigger tribe. We can initiate some new structures or set boundaries that actually show that we care but in a detached way that allows them to adjust themselves. Money can be exchanged or career moves can be cemented. Or you can attract some solid response from social media.

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