Lack of Touch & Beautifying the Land – Jul 14

Thursday, Jul 14, EST

At 1:24am Venus at 25:22 Gemini Squared Neptune at 25:22 Pisces.

This has already occurred and it was likely some hesitation to touch or spend money or call or text someone. There is always a reason for this hesitancy and you may discover as Venus moves on.

At 9:36pm Mercury at 20:30 Cancer Sextiles the North Node at 20:30 Taurus.

Productive nurturing communication where you share your values, love or resources with someone. Or maybe you just enjoy some luxury for yourself around your own home. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the month of tending to the land so you may have plans to use some of our earned income to beautify your home or land. Or you simply find weeding the garden to be a loving gesture for your family and home.

NOTE: There is one aspect on Friday and 4 on Saturday as the Sun and Mercury near this Superior Conjunction at 24:15 Cancer. Saturday will be very mentally clarifying around goals and plans for family issues. On Sunday, Mercury and then the Sun will Trine Neptune prior to Opposing Pluto (early Monday morning for Mercury) and later for the Sun. We will go from ease (Trine to Neptune) to some suspicion or contrast/balance (Opposition to Pluto).

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