Mercury in Leo, Chiron Stations & Magical Revelations – Jul 19

Tuesday, Jul 19, EST, AM

At 8:35am Mercury Ingresses Leo.

Venus just moved into Cancer on Saturday night and now Mercury is leaving Cancer for Leo. In Leo our conscious mind is planning ways to have fun, seeking entertainment and time with children or creative avenues. Mercury is moving so fast now that he will Ingress Virgo on Aug 4, so he is only in Leo for a mere 16 days! So get your fun plans in order quickly. Don’t forget to schedule some ‘Date Nights’ and bring on some romantic plans.

At 11:21am Chiron at 16:26 Aries Stations Retrograde.

Chiron in our Natal Chart is our umbilical cord to our Soul. Transiting Chiron helps us each to experience the various ‘woundings’ as he Transits around the Zodiac wheel in roughly 50 years. As he Stations Retrograde now, we will get to review any pain we have felt for the last several months. Chiron will Station Direct on Dec 23 at 11:56 Aries. Chiron is Aries ‘wounds’ us around our ability to assert ourselves and can make us insecure when in aspect to one of our Natal Planets. Or we may be very unmotivated as well. Chiron’s Transit in Aries (the natural 1st House of the self and the body) has resulted in many of the ‘butt-hurt’ feelings associated with ‘liberals’ or those with a lot of Planets in Libra as Chiron is Opposing their Suns and Neptunes (for Baby-Boomers).

The rest of the day will have the Sun applying to an Opposition to Pluto. We can get clear about ideas we had on Sunday night or early Monday when Mercury Opposed Pluto.

At 1:07pm Mercury at 0:24 Leo Quintiles Uranus at 18:24 Taurus.

A wonderful aspect for making new, fun and loving plans OR for making some philanthropic gestures or using some unexpected resources to help yourself have more fun. Some revelatory ideas and communications could be circulating on social media that you seize upon.

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