An Irritating Few Days (Semi-Squares) – Jul 20-22

Wednesday, Jul 20, EST, PM

At 5:44pm Venus at 3:26 Cancer Semi-Squares Uranus at 18:26 Taurus.

We are enjoying some luxury at home, but suddenly have some unexpected visitors or a family member who could use some financial help. We want to be giving, but with family it can be karmic from time to time. This may be one of those times. Or we want to be free to do our own thing, but the family group wants our company. Beautifying the home can feel good, but also a bit too confining as well.

Thursday, Jul 21

At 7:17am Jupiter at 8:38 Aries Semi-Squares Saturn Rx at 23:38 Aquarius.

This is a fairly major aspect all things considered right now as there aren’t too many major aspects that are exacting lately. Jupiter expands things and rules global perspectives in the Sign of the self and the face. Saturn rules limitation in the Sign of socializing and our calves and ankles which improves our circulation. This Semi-Square means there is some irritation coming between these 2 objectives. We want to DO more, but we are feeling tied down and unavailable to socialize or we are being ‘censored’ in some way. Therein lies the rub. Jupiter will Retrograde in one week so his energy is quite potent. On Sep 21 he will Semi-Square Saturn for the 2nd time at 4:24 Aries and on Sep 28 he will Semi-Square Uranus as well. This places him right in the middle of the last Saturn/Uranus Square which is the ‘changing of the old guard’ or a ‘change to our status quo’. Jupiter in Aries will be some balancing ‘trigger’ as Aries is initiating fire energy. See if you can feel this energy right now in order to get a glimpse of what the end of Sep has in store.

At 9:02am Mercury at 4:12 Leo Semi-Sextiles Venus at 4:12 Cancer.

Loving words. Romantic touch. Fun at home with the kids. Its a minor aspect so think of communicating your values to family members and/or children. Its a good time for that.

Friday, Jul 22

At 1:47am Venus at 5:03 Cancer Semi-Squares the North Node at 20:03 Taurus.

Venus rules the North Node in her Sign. The NN is bringing some Soulful lessons around our personal resources, ways we acquire or earn a living and what we value as well as our sense of beauty. Its a good time to see new ways of sustaining our resources and using them to meet the needs of family. Its also a good time to work on self-worth that isn’t just tied to our bottom line. We need to see the wealth a loving family can bring to our lives. Or we need to see new ways to earn a living that foster greater family ties and security. But there is an irritation as we realize something should be done now about these areas.

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