The Great Reset, Part 1 – Jul 28-31 (am)

Thursday, Jul 28, EST

At 1:55pm the Moon at 5:39 Leo Conjuncts the Sun at 5:39 Leo creating the annual New Moon in Leo.

This New Moon ushers in a month-long focus around children, romance, fun/entertainment, creativity, humor, etc. The New Moons always initiate the Signs’ energies for the next year. So Leo energy gets kicked-off and rules the next 30 days. In the Age of Aquarius, Leo is the 7th House of business dealings, significant others, relating-ships and balance and reciprocity.

At 4:37pm Jupiter at 8:43 Aries Stations Retrograde.

All Planetary Stations highlight the degree for some time and initiate a ‘review’ time of that Planet’s energies since they entered their Phase 1 Shadow (future Direct Station position). In this case, Jupiter entered his Shadow, Phase 1 on May 10 at 29:56 Pisces. He will Station Direct on that same degree and minute on Oct 29. So between now and then is review. Though with Jupiter his forward and reverse motions are not easy to detect except around a very specific issue. Jupiter Rx is good for resolving legal matters satisfactorily or wrapping up a matter during this time. Jupiter in Aries has us reviewing our self-assertion, motivation and drive.

The most important part of this Station is that Jupiter is in very tight orb of a Novile aspect (40 degrees) from Uranus. They will actually exact this Novile on Aug 2, but its in full play right now. Noviles occur when you divide the Zodiac Wheel into 9 equal parts. 9’s are quite magical in themselves. All Sacred Geometry and 5D aspects in the Zodiac Wheel: 36, 72, 108 and 144 add up to 9 in what is numerology or Gematria. Count 3+6, 7+2, 1+8, 1+4+4 and they ALL add up to 9. A Novile is a completing, testing, capable energy. It is a Soul-level test. Jupiter is an interpersonal Planet. Uranus is a generational Planet. So both mean this aspect is ALL of us and EACH of us to each other as well. Both are Higher-Mind Planets that allow us into 5D awareness. The 2nd part of our 4D experience is to create our OWN philosophy that takes us into 5D and allows us to stay there. These 2 Planets ARE the Great Awakening of humanity and are in a Soulful Novile aspect as Mars (self) reaches Uranus (universal Quickening) and the North Node (Soulful lessons and memories).

At 5:16pm Mercury at 18:38 Leo Squares Uranus at 18:38 Taurus.

With this aspect, we will begin to hear very clearly what the Great Reset and Global Awakening are all about. Mercury is Square to the major applying Conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Node. So he will be expressing all of this big Soul Awareness, Reset, Awakening energy for us over the next few days. Squares are usually Karmic or 3D energy, but we are in a new Age and the energy should be feeling different to us already. Take the challenge of this Square and see how to apply it. Uranus is revelation, inspiration, universal, equalizing, electrifying, electrical currents, currency and all 5D things… Quantum and intergalactic or Quantum mechanics. Mercury is our 3D mind that views the physical reality. He is usually not to be ‘trusted’ but used by our Higher Minds to view our virtual reality (Uranus). Today he is elevated but the shocking news may feel a bit unsettling. It could ‘interrupt’ our fun and romance plans. But the interruption is necessary. Listen closely to what is spoken, written, thought and see what is beginning to be revealed over the weekend.

Uranus brings CHANGE: universal change, leveling/equalizing change, newness and can ‘RESET’ our 3D minds and shake up the Earth as he Transits Taurus. Uranus is also philanthropic, unexpected windfall of available resources (Taurus is Fixed Earth and our personal bottom-line). He will have us THINKING out-of-the-box with his flashes of lightning. Mercury will express things unexpectedly and it could shock everyone. Mercury also rules the media. In the Sign of Leo, it can be the ‘entertainment’ media/industry. Though the ‘news’ is mind-blowing.

Friday, Jul 29

At 12:34am Mercury at 19:12 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 25:12 Pisces.

This aspect is applying and felt strongly for several hours either side of this time so it is also impacting Mercury as he Squares Uranus. This will add in 5D effortless energy with our subconscious mind allowing us to feel an ease with the change Uranus is bringing up. As Uranus and the North Node apply to exact on Sunday, the changes will be Quantum, which is Soul Awareness. You may dream of some very wonderful things you can do with the 5D awareness you are receiving.

At 12:58am Mercury at 19:13 Leo Squares the North Node at 19:13 Taurus.

While receiving 5D subconscious ease from Neptune, in the last 7-8 hours Mercury is fully in the Square to Uranus AND the North Node. Uranus (5D awareness) and North Node (Soulful) IS Soul Awareness. You can suddenly feel that nothing around you is real at all which will allow for the ‘RESET’ of your 3D mind/Mercury into the new reality of the Age of Aquarius. Words may not even penetrate as the awareness is coming up from within you. You could see much of your past-life patterns and recall past-life echoes as they have reverberated in your Soul-level memory over lifetimes.

At 9:59am Mars at 16:24 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron Rx at 16:24 Aries.

A minor aspect, but one that will emphasize more Soulful energy right at this juncture of the Mental Reset needed for the Age of Aquarius. Mars rules Chiron as he Transits his Sign, but Mars/Aries makes things very personal and individual. EACH person (especially as Mars applies to Conjunct Uranus) is receiving Soulful memory and we can begin to even notice some changes physically as Mars rules the body. Chiron here is helping to open our Crown Chakra to allow the Soul Awareness in fully.

Sunday, Jul 31

At 2:05am Mercury at 22:58 Leo Opposes Saturn Rx at 22:58 Aquarius.

This is the first aspect that will ground some of the energy still working in us throughout Wed-Sat. Saturn likes to make things ‘concrete’ and to build upon it. So you may begin to see new ways of being in the Age of Aquarius and all the things that it entails. Balancing ‘self’ (Leo) and group (Aquarius) is a big part of it. It is time to get into the tribal mindset that the Age of Aquarius requires. “Ubuntu” is the new law of the land, which means “how can I be happy if my neighbor has not?”

At 10:04am Venus at 16:22 Cancer Squares Chiron Rx at 16:22 Aries.

Finally our personal values/bottom-line comes into play here. Venus is a Healing Planet so the Square is still helpful. She will know how to nurture the one who is insecure and unmotivated. She can awaken some Soulful energy via touch and use of her own resources.

At 11:59am Mercury at 23:42 Leo Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 8:42 Aries.

An adjustment in our thinking to incorporate some spiritual truth, creates an ease around ourselves and those we are having fun with or our children.

At 4:04pm Uranus Conjuncts the North Node at 18:42 Taurus and THIS IS BIG!! Process what you can and I will write the Part 2 asap.

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