Contentment & Restriction – Aug 7

Sunday, Aug 7, EST

At 12:43pm Venus at 25:01 Cancer Trines Neptune Rx at 25:01 Pisces.

Our desires to beautify our home, to nurture our family and to tend to the land are getting deep support in the form of subconscious contentment. All just feels right with our little world and within our emotional roots of our homeland. It is easy to touch, to show our loving feelings and to want more of it. Resources are available today and we put them to use.

At 3:57pm Mars at 22:25 Taurus Squares Saturn Rx at 22:25 Aquarius.

Mars was just Conjunct Uranus on Monday and the North Node the day before that. Now he is still in orb of Uranus and the NN and in the middle of Uranus’ Squares with Saturn. Our motivations to seek some touch, pursue love or act on our values (Mars in Taurus) are likely to hit with some roadblocks of censorship or other technology issues (Saturn in Aquarius). Some authority is keeping you from socializing or meeting new people. You may have your nose to the grindstone to earn that buck rather than circulating freely with others. Mars wants to acquire right now, but Saturn is restricting the electrical currency that might deliver some ‘gifting.’

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