Sun Opposes Saturn & Mars Trine Pluto – Aug 14/15

Sunday, Aug 14, EST

At 1:10pm the Sun at 21:54 Leo Opposes Saturn Rx at 21:54 Aquarius.

Just a few days past the Full Moon we are hitting a slow down to our fun, romance, children and creativity. We are setting personal goals for fun, but Saturn is holding us response-able to Aquarius ideals of the group/tribe, equality/justice and career freedom. What we SEE today will help us to balance between children and social groups or career and fun. Its a worthwhile aspect if you slow down to see what goals you should refine.

At 1:41pm Mercury at 16:09 Virgo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 16:09 Aries.

Mercury in Virgo is all up in the details and planning, planning, planning. But Chiron in Aries is a lack of motivation or the inability to assert ourselves due to insecurity. There is a definite adjustment that needs to be made here. Perhaps your boss has all these plans, but you are reluctant to dig in because it would put you in a position of asserting yourself. Or your health plans may need adjusting due to the lack of motivation.

At 5:28pm Mars at 26:45 Taurus Trines Pluto Rx at 26:45 Capricorn.

This energy will help us to be able to take actions around acquiring assets or pursuing our desires and we could find it easy to merge physically with someone or to secure some financial backing that will further your ability to provide for yourself. Men, women and those in authority are getting along well today.

Monday, Aug 15, AM

At 9:04am Mercury at 17:16 Virgo Trines the North Node at 17:16 Taurus.

Mercury our planning and scheduling is working well with our earned income and financial objectives. We are able to work for the benefit of our bottom line but be of service to others at the same time.

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