Adjustments and Ease – Aug 17/18

Wednesday, Aug 17, EST

At 1:57pm the Sun at 24:49 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 24:49 Pisces.

Neptune can bring nothingness and dissolving in the area of your life that he is moving through. So I am here now writing about this aspect AFTER it exacted. The Sun shines into Neptune’s fog and reveals what has been hidden. The Quincunx requires an adjustment. Our clarity around fun, romance, creativity and children needs to be adjusted to what we can see is leaving our lives or has become intangible. This can be a deep energy that we each must process in order to use it to any advantage. The Sun rules Leo and represents are ego goals and purpose. Neptune in this aspect would be dissolving some of our self-centered (centered in self) goals for the good of the connection we all share. Dissolving of self to better move forward.

Thursday, Aug 18

At 4:03am Venus at 8:02 Leo Trines Jupiter Rx at 8:02 Aries.

What a lovely aspect that can be just easy and we don’t really make use of the chance to initiate some new perspectives towards our children, lovers or creative ventures. Initiating ‘gifting’ to artists, children or other venues that serve our spiritual side is all possible.

At 3:06pm Mercury at 21:36 Virgo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 21:36 Aquarius.

Another adjustment here with our words and plans to be of service and our restricted/limited socializing. Maybe it is time to be of service while doing so virtually. Or maybe someone is setting boundaries in the ways we assist them because they are not as open to mingling freely right now. Or maybe our co-workers via a Union boss are asking us to adjust the way we are going about our work and service. Whatever the ‘adjustment’ make it with awareness and don’t react Karmically to anyone who seems to be limiting your affect right now. Make a mental note of it and continue on.

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