Sun Enters Virgo & Uranus Retrogrades – Aug 22-24

Monday, Aug 22, EST, PM

At 5:58pm Mercury at 26:36 Virgo Trined Pluto Rx at 26:36 Capricorn.

Ease between our work, service, duty, health and shared resources, intimate partners and dissolving career circumstances. In the Age of Aquarius, Capricorn is the 12th House of hidden things. Capricorn rules career, social status, government/politics, corporations and banks as well as fathers, public authorities and those who hold the power. Pluto’s Transit through Capricorn has revealed to us the shadow side of these powerful players and is pushing us to take back our personal sovereignty. Individual freedom is a cornerstone of the Age of Aquarius. No government needed, really. But today we were at ease with dissolving authority and public structures.

At 11:16pm the Sun Ingressed Virgo.

This is the classic ‘Back to School’ energy that we are accustomed to each August. Rather than setting goals for fun, romance, entertainment, as the Sun in Leo focuses us, now we are sorting out our new daily schedule, health/fitness routine, food preparation (like harvesting and canning), service areas, volunteering and co-workers. So the next 30 days is about ‘to-do’ lists. But in the Age of Aquarius, Virgo is the 8th House of ‘transformation’. Virgo is also the Sign of the ‘accountant’ and keeping track of the details. Virgo as the 8th House (ruled by Pluto) will challenge us to find new ways of sharing resources daily and NOT keeping track. Virgo rules military service and first responders. We may now see how their roles will be changing as well.

Tuesday, Aug 23

At 7:37am Mercury at 27:15 Virgo Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 21:15 Aquarius.

Mercury is already in Phase 1, Shadow Phase, of his upcoming Retrograde cycle. Mercury has been in this Phase for the last 2 days so what is now occurring will be under review during the roughly 3 weeks he is Retrograde. So expect some shifts in what you are hearing and writing and expressing right now. This double-magic aspect to Saturn is very nice, though. He is thinking about how his work/service/duty is supporting his authority within a group or supporting the response-able side of a group’s awakening and goals. He is thinking in terms of: what best serves the tribe?

At 9:53pm the Sun at 0:55 Virgo Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 15:55 Aries.

Here we need to adjust our goals and purpose around work/service/duty to accommodate our own insecurity or someone else’s. Once we do that, we create an ease. Or maybe we can see how our own lack of motivation is helping us to set more realistic health goals or daily routine.

Wednesday, Aug 24

At 9:54am Uranus at 18:55 Taurus Stations Retrograde.

This is my least favorite Retrograde cycle, but it is necessary. When our 5D mind shifts direction, we are reviewing all the new revelations we have been receiving since Uranus cleared his Phase 3, Shadow of his last Retrograde cycle which was on May 5, 2022. He will now Retrograde back to 14:56 Taurus and Station Direct on Jan 23, 2023. So from today through Jan 23 we will be looking back at all of the new revelations and inspirations, inventions and equality thinking that we were receiving since mid-May. We can look for some shocking shifts around Taurus areas of our lives: Fixed Earth assets, our earned income, our personal bottom-line/wealth/available resources, personal values and love and finances.

At 1:31pm Venus at 15:53 Leo Trines Chiron Rx at 15:53 Aries.

A very loving, healing energy around children, romance and fun. You can use touch easily to heal any insecurity someone is feeling. Enjoy the opportunity to help others.

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