Venus Squares the Nodes & Mercury Ingresses Libra – Aug 25

Thursday, Aug 25, EST

At 3:04am Venus at 16:35 Leo Squares the North Node at 16:35 Taurus.

Our desires are in the Soulful squeeze of the North and South Node. But Venus rules the North Node Transiting through her Sign of Taurus. Venus in Leo is desires for fun, romance, casual touch, creativity, acquiring resources through comedy and all forms of entertainment as well as activities with children or ‘creating’ children. How are these desires challenging our regular resources (Taurus) and your shared resources (Scorpio). Are you wanting to have too much fun that it is upsetting the harmony of your money situations? Or are you challenging an intimate partner who thinks you are being too easy with yourself and your values around playful love?

At 2:41pm the Sun at 2:33 Virgo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 26:33 Capricorn.

Here the Sun is offering some double-magic clarity around our work, service, duty goals and our shared resources with powerful entities or people. We can see how to set better goals that will create the miraculous results this aspect can offer.

At 9:03pm Mercury Ingresses Libra.

Our conscious mind, our planning and communicating mind is leaving Virgo for a short bit to enter Libra where we move from thinking about work and service to relating to friends and significant others. Mercury will Retrograde in Libra and return to Virgo during his Retrograde Cycle. Mercury will reach 8:55 Libra on Sep 9 when he Stations Retrograde. He will return to Virgo on Sep 23 and Station Direct at 24:12 Virgo on Oct 2. Get ready for some revised communications. There are likely to be some words you need to review at work (Virgo) or with a partner (Libra) as Mercury moves Retrograde from Sep 9 to Oct 2.

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