Resyncing with Energetic Calendar – Sep 7

As one of the results of the Saturn/Uranus Squares could/should be a change (Uranus) our calendar (Saturn, the timekeeper), I will start to express the Sun/Moon ‘days’ to bring us back into greater synchronicity with the energetic cycles we live in. So each New Moon is the true energetic start of the next 30 days. The Full Moons are half-way, 15 day, markers. So its a more effective way to ‘feel’ the real cycles. As the last New Moon was at 4:04 Virgo (on Aug 27), we are energetically in Day 11/12 of the Virgo month. So in ‘roughly’ 3/4 days we have the Pisces Full Moon (Sun in Virgo/Moon in Pisces) at 17:41 Pisces on Sep 10 bringing us halfway through the month of ‘Virgo’. This ‘energetic calendar’ is what the Farmer’s Almanac was based on… the cycles of the energetic months.

Wednesday, Sep 7 (Day 11/12 of Virgo), EST

At 6:57pm the Sun at 15:18 Virgo Trines the True North Node at 15:28 Taurus.

Today the Sun is inside the ongoing Semi-Sextile of the NN to Chiron Rx. Though the Sun is in Virgo, it will helping us use their Soulful energies to transform our Virgo goals.

This aspect is Soulful (NN) clarity (Sun) around keeping track (Virgo) of our resources and our values (Taurus) for work/service/duty. The Sun sets new goals and purpose and during the month of Virgo we are looking at the ways we can serve. The NN in Taurus wants us to learn Soulful ways to ‘acquire’ which can make us tap into the Universe’s natural energetic abundance rather than counting every penny as Virgo does in 3D. The NN is a Soulful/5D point teaching us new ways to create wealth and earthly assets. Through Soul alignment, the Universe becomes infinite and will confound the 3D mind of Virgo allowing for new ways of service to surface.

At 9:39pm the Sun at 15:24 Virgo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 15:24 Aries.

This aspect brings in the gratitude, but first we must adjust our Virgo purpose to create goals that satisfy our individual Soulful energies. We may be unmotivated in the physical realm right now and this is necessary to allow us to bring in more Soulful actions to bring about the new reality. Aries likes to take action in the physical and assert itself out into the world like the first breath of the baby. But Chiron is reducing our ‘drive’ so that we can approach things from a less physical way and seeing the world more for the multi-dimensional wonder that it truly is. So its ok to be on a ‘break’ from ‘doing and serving’ as we take in the clarity of purpose all of this Soulful energy is allowing. Breathe deeply and stay centered in yourself for from that space you can move everything in the Universe.

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