Mercury Stations Retrograde – Sep 9

Friday is Day 14 of the Virgo month, the midpoint where the Full Moon occurs.

Friday, Sep 9, EST

At 6:06pm Venus at 5:53 Virgo Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 5:53 Aries.

The Healing Planets need to adjust in some way. Venus in Virgo is being of service through touch, beauty and use of our own resources. Jupiter in Aries is bringing higher consciousness to each individual, right into our Crown Chakra. Forgiveness is one thing Jupiter is working on each of us to move to and through. Jupiter also controls the market and our speculation as to the future and our abundance. Virgo is where we can lose ourselves in the service of others. So somewhere we need to see a higher path or a more loving way to serve that elevates our consciousness. Jupiter is still within the Boomerang Finger of Irritation and Ascension with Mercury Opposite him. See below.

At 11:38pm Mercury at 8:55 Libra Stations Retrograde.

Now from the Earth’s perspective, Mercury appears to move Retrograde, however this is not the real case. This does change our mental energy/conscious mind and we are looking back and reviewing all of our plans, words and expressions since Mercury entered Phase 1 by crossing 24:12 Virgo on Aug 20. So from now until he Stations Direct on Oct 2, we will be reviewing things in our ‘seen’ world and around communications, thoughts and ideas. In 5D, you only use Mercury as a ‘lens’ to the physical/seen world and don’t get taken in by his ‘trickster’/3D/duality ways. Indecision or reversal of decisions are very common during the Station. NOTE: Mercury joins Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron in Retrograde motion. Perfect time to correct issues that have been with us for a while.

Mercury Stations Retrograde at 8:55 Libra

Mercury’s Station right now has him still in orb to his Ses-Squares to both Saturn and Uranus (as they approach a 4th Square that won’t exact. He is still in orb of the Opposition to Jupiter while Jupiter is Semi-Square to both Saturn and Uranus and these 4 Planets create the Boomerang Finger of Irritation and Ascension. Jupiter RESOLVES the duality and Karma that Mercury creates with his double-mindedness. This Boomerang is our ticket OUT of 3D by ascending into higher realms of consciousness. The Saturn/Uranus Square is heavily at play over the next 2 weeks with both Mercury and Jupiter. We will SEE and comprehend the changing of the guard, of those in power. We will SEE and COMPREHEND a new electrical current and currency. We will REALIZE a 5D world. Old structures need to come down to make way for the new heaven and new earth we are consciously manifesting.

Besides this Boomerang Finger of Irritation and Ascension, Mercury is making a Biquintile (double-magic aspect) to the North Node (see below) and Pluto is in Tridecile (108 degree aspect of mental growth and unfoldment) to both Mercury and the North Node. This is of great assistance to us in realizing some truths and Soulful ways of dealing with shared resources. But it is also going to help us move away from fear, via the North Node, around governments, banks, corporations and those who have controlled the money and centers of power for so long.

Add to all of this that Psyche (our Soul Mind) is applying to Conjunct Mercury over the next few days. So this elevates our 3D/duality mind into more Soulful energy that is 5D! This is another major force assisting us in our Ascension into the Age of Aquarius.

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