Financial Restructuring Behind the Scenes – Sep 14

Day 19 of the Virgo month.

Wed, Sep 14, EST

At 2:15am Venus at 11:15 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 26:15 Capricorn.

Personal and shared resources are being adjusted to create an ease. Touch/love and physical intimacy is also in the mix. As Virgo is the 8th House of the Age of Aquarius, there is a lot of TRANSFORMATION in this aspect. In 3D it is ‘death’ but in 5D it is just a transformation of energy… nothing dies. So Venus is looking out for our personal bottom-line. In Virgo, she would have loved to ‘keep close track’ of her finances until all this transformational energy is added to the mix. Now she needs to just roll with the shedding of her old skin, as Pluto in known to do. Wiggle out of the old to be reborn. Capricorn is the 12th House of hidden things, dissolving energy in the Age of Aquarius. So what is going on with our shared resources, governments, banks and corporations, has been happening behind the scenes and ‘unseen’ or clouded by the Neptune/subconscious fog. So part of our 8th House transformation (in Virgo and Capricorn) is to rebirth governments, banks and corporations. I have heard (as this aspect has exacted already) the banks had all to declare ‘bankruptcy’ by today! AND be ‘restructured’ (a Capricorn-style way of saying ‘transformed’) for the new asset-backed currency that Uranus in Taurus is bringing forward. Once all accountants (Virgo), banks (Capricorn) adjust themselves to the restructuring, there will be an ease. They will be reborn.

Remember that Pluto rules your debt and taxes. How is this area of your life being transformed?

Keep in mind that the entire Sign of Virgo is being TRANSFORMED. We will NOT keep track of finances and every detail as to who owes who. This is a restructuring of your daily activities, your concepts of health, wellness and other things to that Capricorn power-structures (Big Pharma, Big Tech, Banks, etc) have controlled. You will be free of their structures, but you must restructure your own gray matter and your heart to open to the new potentials of infinite living in the Quantum realm.

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