Venus, Challenged then Elevated Soulfully & Mercury Activates the Boomerang 2.0 – Sep 16-18

Day 21 of the Virgo month – Picture of a Bloomerang Lilac Bush

Friday, Sep 16, EST

At 2:48pm Venus at 14:24 Virgo Squares Mars at 14:24 Gemini.

Venus, who has just separated from her Ses-Square to Pluto and is working on the restructuring of our financial situations, now runs into a challenge from Mars. A Square feels ‘karmic’ but all it shows is where we still need to rise above the 3D consciousness and into higher realms. Think of it as a kick in the butt to get you elevating things. Of course, Gemini is the Sign where we most experience duality. It IS the Sign of the Twins and double-mindedness. Mars in Gemini is motivated to communicate and even force his ideas on you. Whatever transformation Venus has been working on is challenging Mars’ view of the world. Pay no attention to his antics. Know that right now ALL things are working to the good of the Universe so turn his fear tactics (Mars in Gemini) into a way of viewing how his ideas are just fear and that is false evidence appearing real and the INVERSE of his ideas are what we NEED (Venus) right now. The inverse is LOVE and Venus knows all about that. Think of the Strength card in Tarot as the woman tames the lion. Tame your 3D mind and bring under your transformed values of finances and love. NOTE: On Friday night through Saturday morning, Mars will be elevated

At 6:21pm the Sun at 24:02 Virgo Opposes Neptune Rx at 24:02 Pisces.

A very clarifying day around our new financial situations. Neptune is Transiting his own Sign of Pises, the subconscious mind, the Godhead, which is the 2nd House of individual available resources in the Age of Aquarius. The Sun is following Mercury through Virgo and shedding light on ideas, communications and any transfer of money he has been planning or talking about. Mercury will be returning to 24:12 Virgo as he Stations Direct on Oct 2. So the Sun is Opposing Neptune just a few minutes before entering Mercury’s Shadow of his Retrograde cycle. These few minutes should not make that much difference. We should be getting clear about finances for the new Age of Aquarius. We will SEE something about the transformation going on in Virgo as it is now the 8th House. We will see into Neptune’s fog and all that has been going on with our resources and ‘money’ that has been hidden. In Pisces, you have to learn to lose your subconscious fears and trust our subconscious mind where we are ALL connected in consciousness. Your FEAR is the ONLY THING that will block your ability to receive what you need. The Sun will show us what our blocks are AND/OR will show us that we need not have had any worry all this time. Look to set new goals around money and service with the clarity you receive today.

At 8:16pm Venus at 14:40 Virgo Trines the North Node at 14:40 Taurus.

Likely Mars didn’t really challenge you that hard earlier because this aspect was already applying. Here Venus has Soul-level understanding around money, wealth, resources and all Fixed Earth (metals) that we will start to rely on for understanding the natural law abundance of the new heaven and new earth. Venus rules Taurus so she is getting TRANSFORMED (Virgo is the 8th House ruled by Pluto who TRANSFORMS) and elevated (North Node is a Soulful point) around all things having to do with our concepts and values of wealth. Continue to be of service as ‘lack’ has no place in your new money axis (2nd and 8th House). Taurus is the natural 2nd House. We are looking good in our bottom lines. If your ‘money’ was built on fiat, it may well collapse and you may need some time to learn the Soulful lessons of wealth.

Saturday, Sep 17, AM

At 3:24am Venus at 15:03 Virgo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 15:03 Aries.

Here Venus gets some Soulful input into wealth management (Venus in Virgo) and sharing of resources (Virgo as 8th House). Chiron is in the Sign of the self and is making many insecure or unmotivated from time to time. Venus can adjust herself to be more loving in service to others in order to arrive at ways to truly see what is needed. If your personal identity/self esteem has been determined by your wealth, you may be going through some challenges right now. Venus is here to devise new values around sharing resources. She can help you find the resources you need. But the other adjustment is that you need to lose any fear in order to receive in the spiritual truth of gratitude. Then the giver and receiver are both blessed tenfold. Learn to RECEIVE with gratitude. It has NOTHING to do with your old Virgo concepts of ‘productivity’ or ‘work ethic.’ It has to do with you are a Soul and you deserve abundance.

At 6:11am Mars at 14:41 Gemini Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 14:41 Taurus.

Now Mars begins to aspect the 2 Soulful players, North Node and Chiron, just as Venus did earlier. Now we could initiate some Soulful actions that align with our values that all are worthy and should be included in our planning. We can see how to initiate communication to acquire resources for our neighborhood or community. We are ready to act on behalf of those we love and others.

NOTE: By Sunday evening (6:34pm), Mercury Retrograde will be applying to Oppose Jupiter Rx in Aries. This is the Boomerang energy of that Boomerang Finger of Irritation and Ascension that we had Mercury’s first pass through from Aug 30 to Sep 2. Now EACH of the 4 Planets are in tighter orb to each other and Mercury will be activating this configuration for the 2nd, more powerful time. People are choosing spiritual solutions to the ‘problems’ their 3D mind has been facing. Look for the intensity to increase. Its time to LEAVE THE MATRIX of 3D and move into 5D. But you must use this Boomerang to show you your OWN philosophy to resolve your Karma and ASCEND. Look for Saturn/Uranus Square to SHIFT the OLD WAYS into the NEW WAYS!!!

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