Jupiter Semi-Squares Saturn – Sep 20/21

Day 25 of the Virgo month

Tuesday, Sep 20, PM, EST

At 4:11pm Venus at 19:26 Virgo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 19:26 Aquarius.

Just after midnight Venus Trined Uranus at 18:38 Virgo/Taurus. She is moving through the closing Saturn/Uranus Square but from a different location on the Zodiac Wheel. The Trine to Uranus was easy and inspiring and could be used to transition into a 5D/magical/miraculous energy too. But the Quincunx with Saturn is certainly more stern. Venus rules OUR money and Virgo now rules THEIR money. With the Trine to Uranus, many great inspiring ideas could take root. Saturn now will try to trim them down to size, but Saturn is in Uranus’ Sign of Aquarius so there is still inspiration held in check. Get serious (Saturn) about making the changes (Uranus) around resources (Venus/Virgo). Adjust yourself for the new reality. Don’t let Saturn’s old ideas hold you back. Move towards the new.

Wednesday, Sep 21

At 6:17am Mars at 16:25 Gemini Quintiles Jupiter Rx at 4:25 Aries.

Mercury is separating from his Opposition to Jupiter so this Quintile is very helpful right now. In the Boomerang Finger of Irritation and Ascendance we likely had too much communication and too many ideas popping up to be addressed and sorted out. Now Mars, in Mercury’s Sign, is initiating 5D ideas and mental constructs that suit the elevated, higher consciousness of Jupiter. It is coming straight into your Crown Chakra (Aries) and each individual is ascending in their perspectives. Mars initiates actions. We can be forceful with our ideas today, but we will express the optimism that benefits each and all of us. There could be some transfer of money (as Mercury/Gemini rules that) to serve our higher spiritual truths.

At 9:07am Jupiter Rx at 4:24 Aries Semi-Squares Saturn Rx at 19:24 Aquarius.

Here is the harder of the 2 Semi-Squares that Jupiter is making in the Boomerang Finger of Irritation and Ascendance. Jupiter and Saturn are the 2 Interpersonal Planets so this aspect likely involves you and another person, but also your old 3D ways of viewing authority, power, career, time, etc. Jupiter in 3D rules legal matters. Many would like to see significant (Saturn) arrests (Jupiter in Aries), but it may not be in our best interests to take this perspective. If you SEE something like that, just know that these ‘players’ are just 3D projections our minds created in that lower vibration. They do not have Souls… therefore sometimes referred to as ‘Reptilians’ because the 3D brain is CALLED the Reptilian Brain. Its a mirror of what you ‘want’ in 3D and the opposite when you create in Karma. Watch events with detached emotion, as THAT is Uranian/Aquarian energy because you are in 5D and know the truth: the physical is not ‘real’ as our Higher-Minds know the truth and what is real: our Soul Awareness. We may see the market (Jupiter) collapse finally. Or spiritual leaders leave the scene. This will challenge our optimism, but detach and know this is all part of moving into 5D. Let the chips fall where they may and be undaunted. Like the Tarot Fool: nonchalance at the gaining or losing of things. Expect solutions that rise above national borders (Saturn). The irritation of the Semi-Square allows for real growth to occur that fuels the Ascension of Jupiter in the Boomerang Finger of Irriation and Ascension.

On Sep 28, Jupiter will exact his Semi-Square to Uranus. This is interrupted broadcasting. Emergencies. Changes in fortune. The Great Awakening through the friction/irritation of growth that takes effort. So many storylines can play out here. But the stories are the human experience and we are becoming more Soulful. See the energy Quickening everyone.

On Sep 26 the Sun will move into the Boomerang position at 3+ Libra. This will bring lots of clarity to all that is occurring. We will set new goals of relating to others based on the changes of status all around us. Uranus will level everyone’s position. There will be no more ‘elite’ or ‘downtrodden’. That is the goal of Soul Awareness.

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