Fall Equinox & the Inferior Conjunction – Sep 22/23

Day 27 of the Virgo month.

Thursday, Sep 22, EST

At 5:54am the Sun at 29:23 Virgo Ses-Squares the North Node at 14:23 Taurus.

The Sun is on the final/critical/Anaretic degree of Virgo. This degree is ‘quintessential’ energy of the Sign. We have been setting goals to serve, volunteer, work, perform our duties over the last 29 days. The North Node in Taurus, brings us Soulful lessons around that Sign’s energies: our values, our valuables, our money, our ‘fixed earth’ area of life, earned income, beauty and wealth/acquisition. The Ses-Square requires an adjustment that creates an ease. Virgo is the 8th House of in the Age of Aquarius ruling other peoples’ money that we use or share. So let’s imagine you are serving someone who is ill and they are providing you room and board and maybe some income as well. What if its not enough? But you can’t stop taking care of them. So you need to adjust your goals (Sun) or daily routine/schedule (Virgo) so you can earn enough to feel comfortable. The ease could be that they make arrangements for resources you might be able count on later, like inheriting some of their material items, like a home (Taurus is the 4th House of ‘home’ in Age of Aquarius). This adjustment creates ease for both parties.

At 9:04pm the Sun Ingresses Libra creating the Fall Equinox.

Libra is a Cardinal (initiating) Sign which initiates a new season when the Sun ingresses one of these Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. For the next roughly 90 days we will be in the Fall season in the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring season in the Southern Hemisphere. The chart created at the moment the Sun enters the new Sign colors the next 90 days. So let’s see what THIS Fall season has in store:

The Sun and Mercury are applying to their Inferior Conjunction which exacts below. But this brings our conscious mind of the ‘seen world’ (Mercury) in sync with real time (Sun) in the Sign of Libra, our significant relating-ships. Mercury is separating from the Boomerang with Jupiter and the Sun is now applying.

The Ascendant for EST is at 12+ Taurus right in between the Apr 30 Solar Eclipse degree at 10+ Taurus and the True North Node at 14+ Taurus. Great emphasis as it shows that the next 90 days will be about our personal resources. Venus in Virgo is Opposing Neptune. This aspect will exact early Saturday morning but will play a part for the 90-days of Fall. Virgo externalizes Pisces’ hidden energies. Virgo is the 8th House now and Venus rules the 2nd House. All resources will serve us over the next 90 days. Mars is Direct in Gemini which will make us forceful or able to initiate communications, ideas and plans. Jupiter is in tight Semi-Square to Saturn and Uranus, but Mercury and the Sun are not in tight orb of an Opposition. The Sun will move there in just 3-4 days though.

Friday, Sep 23

At 2:50am the Sun at 0:14 Libra Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 0:14 Libra in the Inferior Conjunction.

The Sun and Mercury Conjunct roughly 6 times per year usually. That means that for only these 6 days our conscious/3D mind is in sync with real time. Otherwise, Mercury is the ‘Trickster’ causing us to lose sight of what is ‘real’ and taking many down many false paths if they trust Mercury. But when they meet with Mercury Retrograde, this is their Inferior Conjunction and the ‘seeding’ of a new 165-day cycle between them. The goal is to make realistic plans that we hope to complete with the 165 days. Easier said than done. It is best to align with your Higher-Mind Planets for real understanding: Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. And to use Mercury ONLY as our lens to the physical world. But don’t let him be the ‘judge’ of that world, which he loves to do. As they meet on the 1st degree of Libra, just a few hours past the Fall Equinox, we are looking our how we relate, negotiate and compromise with others. Or how we balance ourselves with those ‘mirrors’ we relate to. What we SEE today is more accurate than the other 360 days when they are separating and out of orb. So pay attention to the clarity. Express it. Relate it. and let it guide you for the next 165 days.

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