Venus in the Boomerang Finger of Irritation & Ascension – Oct 1/2

Day 6 of the Libra month.

Saturday, Oct 1, EST

At 2:12pm Venus at 3:02 Libra Opposes Jupiter Rx at 3:02 Aries.

This is the 1st of 3 aspect Venus will make over the next 18 hours as she completes the Boomerang Finger of Irritation and Ascension. With this aspect we have the 2 Healing Planets in contrast. Venus rules Libra and our ability to reciprocate and acquire resources and income. Jupiter rules abundance, optimism, rising above 3D and devising a philosophy to stay in 5D. And he is in Aries telling EACH of us this is a solo journey at the moment. Yes, you desire relating, but we EACH must have our own philosophy for ascension into higher realms. We must also think globally. When we breathe into the new energy, our partners will follow. Like putting on your air mask before helping others. How can you use what you have acquired in resources and friends to accomplish a global awakening? Jupiter rules legal matters, broadcasting and markets in 3D and global application of abundance in 5D.

At 7:59pm Venus at 3:20 Libra Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 18:20 Taurus.

This is the 2nd aspect of 3 in the BFIA. The afternoon is all about the Great Awakening energy of both Jupiter and Uranus. Venus needs to adjust our desires and beliefs/values to the shocking revelations she is receiving this afternoon and evening. Venus rules Uranus at the moment and so our revelations are about equalizing our resources, gifting others with what we have, and seeing money as a more electrical circuit and current. Venus may need to awaken to her own new approach to money while her partner/friends still grapple with it. She needs to adjust to create an ease. Start to be more giving with those closest to you, but Uranus says ‘hey, trying giving to people who cross your path unexpectedly or to complete strangers that you meet.’ This is what makes the new world go round. We are ALL one! Adjust from the idea of you and your other and see they are just an extension of yourself and everything becomes much easier. If the market (Jupiter) had you losing much of your wealth (Venus/Taurus) in a sudden turn of events (Uranus), then you may need to receive some awareness from others about the true reality of ‘wealth’ based on Taurus’ Fixed Earth energy: Metals.

Sunday, Oct 2, AM

At 5:07am Mercury at 24:12 Virgo Stations Direct.

If you have been indecisive the last few days, this may be why. It is more likely with this group that you have become VERY decisive about Virgo areas of life: daily routine, work, service, duty, fitness, accounting and food preparation. As well as 8th House matters (as Virgo is the 8th House in Age of Aquarius): debt, loans, inheritance and intimacy. Now Mercury will spend the next 3 weeks applying the revisions we have been working through. This is a good time to start SEEING financial changes that serve people. Mercury will Ingress Libra again on Oct 10 and move through the Boomerang Finger of Irritation and Ascension for the 3rd and final time. As he pulls into his Station, Mercury just narrowly misses an Opposition to Neptune Rx. So we can have some thoughts coming from a hidden place that flip midway, but help us to make decisions we are deeply content about.

At 7:41am Venus at 3:57 Aries Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 18:57 Aquarius.

Now we have the 3rd and final aspect of Venus to the BFIA configuration. If you have been joyful and shocked by the earlier 2 aspects, Saturn tends to reign these things in and make us focus on applying our new philosophy (Jupiter) and awareness (Uranus) to our social media, groups, acquaintances. But in a more cautious, measured way. We can expect to begin to see the ‘old guard’ be replaced as Saturn and Uranus are closest to their 4th and final Square on Oct 4. The new guard will be more philanthropic and equal (all Aquarian energies) in their structures (Saturn) for everyone. Venus needs to adjust the values she has around relating and be willing to compromise to bring about the ease offered here. We need to be sure we are thinking of EVERYONE and not just our own finances (Venus).

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