Relating & the Full Moon in Aries – Oct 9/10

Day 15 of the Libra month. That’s the halfway point for a Full Moon.

Sunday, Oct 9, EST

At 12:56pm Mercury at 28:30 Virgo Ses-Squares the True North Node at 13:30 Taurus.

Mercury in Virgo can be very ‘anal’ and overworked from worry. But this Ses-Square to the NN is going to cause him to adjust himself in order to create an ease with his love interests and to know that ‘money’ isn’t that hard to come by. Its an exchange of energy that creates the 5D ‘currency.’ So chill and allow the abundance to come to you. Let go of any ‘debts’ you have or hold as that is essential to the wealth for all. Only fear and worry cut off the abundance. Create the Soulful ease by allowing this knowledge to overcome your Mercury mind.

At 4:55pm the Moon at 16:33 Aries Opposes the Sun at 16:33 Libra creating the annual Full Moon in Aries.

Full Moons are emotionally charged times. And the Full Moon in Aries is especially so. Its like a powerful energy around our emotions as we ‘Initiate’ more feelings and drama than usual. Well, some do. And so close to Chiron in Aries, there is likely to be some butt-hurt feelings. We need to strike a balance between ourselves (Aries) and our significant others/close friends/competitors. One of wants to create/be in a ‘relationship’ and one of you wants to break free. See where your real feelings are.

At 11:09pm Venus at 13:29 Libra Quincunx the True North Node at 13:29 Taurus.

Now our desires to relate need to adjust to our Soulful values in order to create an ease. If someone is being too ‘possessive’ they need to relax. At the Soulful level (NN), you know they are just a ‘mirror’ of yourself. A Karmic mirror at that. Play with the energy rather than being jealous, etc. As for money, well, strike that balance and move into a more equalizing, charitable energy.

Monday, Oct 10, AM

At 9:15am Venus at 14:01 Libra Opposes Chiron Rx at 14:01 Aries.

Venus is a Healing Planet so she can soothe the insecurity of someone here. She has just the right touch when she sees someone respond in that butt-hurt fashion of Chiron in Aries. In the Age of Aquarius, Libra is the 9th House of optimism and benevolence as well. This brings in Jupiter’s Healing power too for bigger, more global issues around finances, diplomacy. Aries is the 3rd House in the Age of Aquarius bringing ‘powerful, aggressive communication.’ You know, ‘talk of war.’ Thankfully Venus and Jupiter can help ease things in the global arena and the personal arena.

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