Into the Eclipse Wormhole – Oct 9-Nov 23

As of the Full Moon yesterday, we are now in the Eclipse Wormhole of ‘Rapid Change’. We have 2 Eclipses in this Eclipse cycle:

1) Oct 23 New Moon Solar Eclipse at 2:00 Scorpio

2) Nov 8 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 16:01 Taurus

The Full Moon in Aries initiates the Wormhole and we can expect things to speed up in our lives now through the following New Moon at 1:38 Sagittarius on Nov 23. Eclipses across the Scorpio/Taurus axis bringing ‘fresh starts’ (Solar Eclipse) and ‘shut-downs/culminations/emotional resets’ (Lunar Eclipse) across our 2 Money Houses: my money (Taurus) and your money that I use/share (Scorpio). Taurus also rules love and sensual touch while Scorpio rules intimacy and sexual touch. But transparency and honesty are the highest vibrations of Scorpio.

As Eclipse cycles are the easiest time to learn to feel and understand Planetary energies, let’s look at the Solar Eclipse chart now so we can be in sync with the energies. We won’t have any Personal Planets in Scorpio until Oct 23rd when both the Sun and Venus Ingress Scorpio. It is then that we will most likely begin to feel the ‘fresh start’ energies. Venus will be Conjunct the Sun and Moon for this Eclipse. As Venus rules Taurus, this Eclipse will merge both ‘money energies.’

Solar Ecilpse at 2:00 Scorpio, Oct 25, 2022

In the Age of Aquarius, which we are almost fully ready to manifest, Taurus is the 4th House and Scorpio is the 10th House. So the axis of home vs career, mom and dad and nurturing and discipline are energies acting upon these Eclipses as well, though in more subtle ways.

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