Mercury Ses-Squares Uranus & Saturn – Oct 13

Day 19 of the Libra month. Day 4 of the Eclipse Wormhole.

Thursday, Oct 13, EST

At 2:01am Mercury at 2:59 Libra Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 17:59 Taurus.

23 hours ago Mercury Opposed Jupiter and now he is moving through the Ses-Squares to Uranus and then Saturn. The combined energies are very powerful and individual aspects could be hard to detect. But by breaking them down, we can see the purpose for each. Mercury and Uranus create revelations, self-awareness and change into our 3D mind overriding the 3D separation consciousness (aka good and evil and leaving the garden). In a twinkling, Uranus and awaken people to Soul Awareness and galactic/quantum realms. The Ses-Squares says Mercury needs to adjust his words and ideas in light of the flashes of inspiration and revelation from Uranus. Adjust to create an ease with all that is new. Uranus frees of us from thinking that has passed its expiration date. Mercury in Libra is about relationships and relating. You could find yourself breaking free from some old ‘contractual’ agreements. You could find yourself breaking off communication with folks who are not ready to ascend into 5D while you yourself prepare to do so. Like Lot, you must leave the old and not look back. Libra is the 9th House of 3D ‘religions’ and 5D benevolence in the Age of Aquarius. Why are we tied to just one person? Or socially obligating ourselves to others for the sake of keeping the peace? Keep the peace and make the changes. Uranus is dealing with your ‘mirrors’ too. So trust the Universe. Take that shocking, bizarre path that will rock your world. Uranus in Taurus could be offering you some unexpected resources to accomplish these crazy ideas. You may find that the path opens for you and you just need to leave your 3D thinking.

At 12:57pm Venus at 17:57 Libra Quincunx Uranus Rx at 17:57 Taurus.

Venus rules Libra and Taurus so she rules Uranus as he Transits her Sign. Lots of desires, finances, personal values, ability to acquire and love are on tap here. Libra wants reciprocity at this higher vibrations. Venus wants what she wants but can share. Uranus is showing her the need to equalize what is ‘hers’ with another, close friends or acquaintances. It is time to adjust to the value of Ubuntu: how can I be happy if my neighbor has not? No ease is guaranteed as it was above. This adjustment is necessary for the new reality.

At 1:41pm Mercury at 3:40 Libra Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 18:40 Aquarius.

This is the 3rd aspect of the Boomerang Finger of Irritation and Ascension. Mercury is the last Personal Planet to move through it, with the exception of the Moon which moves so fast. The Moon will move through it a few days before the Solar Eclipse (Oct 25). Now Mercury has new ideas for leaving old treaties, contracts and agreements behind. Saturn Squares to Uranus have been redefining our boundaries, borders, concepts of time, aging, electricity and there is a NEED for the old 3D structure ‘grid’ to be collapsed/changed in order to allow for the new 5D free energy grid that will CHANGE our heaven and earth. Every area of our lives will be changed as the Zodiac wheel turns. But Aquarius is 5D energy and is awakening our power circles (banks, corporations and governments) to be more equal, philanthropic and giving. Which global reset idea resonates with 5D energy? The one that works within you to change YOU. Change the way you respond to events and you will move into an effortless, magical realm. In 5D Saturn is deep, intimate bonding because ALL Karma is RESOLVED. NO FEAR, accept all things and move through it.

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