Its All About ‘Relating-ships’ – Oct 13/14

Days 19/20 of the Libra month. Days 4/5 of the Eclipse Wormhole.

Thursday, Oct 13, EST, pm

At 7:45pm Venus at 18:19 Libra Conjunct Psyche at 18:19 Libra.

Looking back now you may see that our desires to relate were coming from a Soulful place. Psyche is our ‘Soul mind’ and often brings significant people into our lives. Here we were relating well though and desired some refined beauty and touch. Though Venus applying to Saturn below likely made this aspect hard to isolate. Eros, our ‘erotic mind’ is also Transiting through Libra and is at 7:59 Libra at this time. Aspects to our Natal Psyche and Eros are far easier to ‘feel’ and recognize. But its interesting that both 5D/Soulful planets are emphasizing 5D ‘relating-ships’ while our 3D mind, Mercury, was being elevated out of the ‘mirror-play’ he creates and into Jupiter’s higher consciousness in the Sign of the self, Aries. This is a strong undercurrent helping us create new understandings around ‘partnership’ and relinquishing all the stuff we have ‘learned’ in 3D about doing ‘relationships.’ In 5D, you PLAY in the physical world rather than get ‘stuck’ in it.

Friday, Oct 14

At 2:21am Venus at 18:40 Libra Trined Saturn Rx at 18:40 Aquarius.

Here we had a wonderful ease around spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment, relating and desires. Desires were likely reciprocal and less ‘limited’ than at other times. You could break free of the restrictions Saturn has been placing over the last 2+ years and enjoy time spent with a loved one, close friend or significant other.

At 2:21pm the Sun at 21:23 Libra Quadranoviles Jupiter Rx at 1:23 Aries.

The Sun is almost exactly 18 degrees from its Opposition to Jupiter on Sep 26 when the Sun was in the Boomerang Finger of Irritation and Ascension. 18 degrees is a Virgintile aspect that brings ‘mental ideation’. In aspect to Jupiter again, this is an important aspect. A Quadranovile occurs at 160 degrees and delivers uexpected or alternative possibilities and outcomes. With the Sun, that would expected clarity to lift and shift your ‘relationships’ into 5D ‘relating-ships.’ You might suddenly SEE they are just a mirror and be able to cope with it as you pursue your own ascension into higher realms of yourself in connecting to the global community.

NOTE: Venus is just 2 degrees behind the Sun at this aspect and will make the same aspect to Jupiter at 3:21am on Sunday.

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