NN & Uranus in TriDecile to Pluto; Birthing the New Financial Reality – Oct 15

Day 21 of the Libra month. Day 7 of the Eclipse Wormhole.

Saturday, Oct 15, EST

At 12:13pm the Moon Ingresses Cancer.

There has been so much going on lately that I rarely get to cover where the Moon is. He will be in his home Sign for the next 2.5 days. As he aspects the other Planets, we will have some intuition around our feelings, family, home and the land. On Monday he Squares the Sun as their last Square prior to the Solar Eclipse on Oct 25 at 2:00 Scorpio.

Right now the Mean North Node at 14:18 Taurus is applying to TriDecile Pluto at 26:08 Capricorn.

The Mean Node is calculated as an ‘average’ measurement between Sun and Moon that doesn’t ‘retrograde’ due to calculations involving their ‘plane’ to each other. Often times the Mean Node holds more accuracy for the energies than the True North Node, but it depends on which one aspects a Point or Planet first. The True North Node is at 13:32 Taurus and has already exacted this TriDecile to Pluto. So both measurements are bracketing Pluto and we should more easily feel the effect. A TriDecile is a 108 degree aspect in the 9th Harmonic of the Zodiac Wheel (divide the wheel into 9 equal parts). A TriDecile is 3 Deciles combined (36×3) and denotes mental growth and unfoldment. Uranus has been in BiSeptile to Pluto at various times in the last year. They bring ‘drastic change’ for us. Now the Mean NN is emphasizing our ability to comprehend these changes. Its a quasi 5D aspect as its a Quintile + a Decile (which is ‘resourcefulness’). Rather than a typical hard or easy aspect, these TriDeciles have been bringing about the necessary financial changes (Pluto = shared resources; Taurus = personal resources) needed for the Age of Aquarius. There are many Soulful lessons around money and lack of fear to acquire here over the last year. We need this unfoldment to REALIZE (Uranus) the promise of the 5th Dimension. This is a stepping stone type of energy to get us there. Pay close attention to the very subtle energies that seek to change your old paradigms around resources, currency and the like.

On Dec 22, Uranus Rx will again TriDecile Pluto. On Jan 23, Uranus will Station Direct at 14:56 Taurus. On Mar 23, 2023 Pluto will Ingress Aquarius and be Transiting Uranus’ Sign for years to come. Then on Apr 30, Uranus will exact his last TriDecile to Pluto at 0:22 Aquarius. The new ‘reset’ of our reality is occurring even for those who are not quite awake to 5D yet. The new Quantum reality is being birthed and realized. You can move into Quantum consciousness at any time. Your higher vibrational rate will assist others to achieve it alongside you.

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