Electrifying Magic, Ease & Challenge – Oct 18/19

Day 24 /25 of the Libra month. Day 9 of the Eclipse Wormhole.

Tuesday, Oct 18, EST

At 6:52pm Mercury at 11:46 Libra Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 17:46 Taurus.

Mercury is elevated here by both the Biquintile and Uranus which are 5D/magic and effortless energy. Inspiration, ingenuity, invention and all of those wonderful, out-of-the-box ideas can be comprehended by Mercury right now. There can be gifting from yourself to another or vice versa and it will come at just the right time. You can feel beautiful and enjoy some magical conversations with friends. You could certainly have some ‘love at first sight’ type of events too. You could an acquaintance that feels like you’ve known them your entire life, or lifetimes. Unexpected expressions of love or commitment to some business deal could be heard or sent. Unexpected (Uranus) transfers of cash (Mercury) and resources (Taurus) could be broadcast (Libra is 9th House in Age of Aquarius) into your home (Taurus is the 4th House in Age of Aquarius) in some form. A wonderfully magical night.

At 10:20pm Venus at 24:42 Libra Trines Mars at 24:42 Gemini.

This aspect is only going to enhance the love and relating. Gemini and Libra are both Air Signs so relating and talking are likely happening here. Men may initiate, but could be either one. Venus has us feeling beautiful and refined and ready to allow some ‘relating-ship’ ideas to be shared and considered. There is an ease with neighbors, siblings/cousins, classmates and partners, both personal and business.

Wednesday, Oct 19, am

At 9:33am the Sun at 26:09 Libra Squares Pluto Rx at 26:09 Capricorn.

This is the only ‘fly in the ointment’ of an otherwise wonderful night. Though it is likely to be a different situation than the inspired ideas and personal relating. Pluto is usually someone who has overstepped their authority in some way or someone holding the purse-strings of your career. The Sun is feeling diplomatic and wants to balance the situation in some way. There is a definite challenge in what we see right now regarding our personal goals and purpose. Best not to challenge the Pluto entity but to accept the clarity here to apply when Venus Squares Pluto shortly after midnight on Thursday. This is a clear indicator of the financial and physical power-play that will develop at that time.

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