Lining Up the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – Oct 24/25

Day 30 of the Libra month. Day 15 of Eclipse Wormhole and the Solar Eclipse Day!

Monday, Oct 24, EST

At 4:21pm Mars at 25:23 Gemini Quintiles Chiron Rx at 13:23 Aries.

The Quintile puts us in Soul Awareness of 5D so we can overcome any insecurity or lack of motivation and initiate some gestures or conversations effortlessly. This aspect will be part of the Solar Eclipse chart so we have some support here for the next 6 months.

At 11.52pm the True North Node at 13:22 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron Rx at 13:22 Aries.

This is the 3rd exact pass of these 2 and they are more Soul Awareness energy in a minor aspect. But there is nothing really minor about the NN or Chiron. We are getting some Soulful lessons around our values, valuables, personal wealth and acquisition as well our sense of self in the mix of all the Quantum soup that really connects us.

Tuesday, Oct 25

At 6:49am the Moon at 2:00 Scorpio Conjuncts the Sun at 2:00 Scorpio creating the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

Solar Eclipses bring super-charged ‘FRESH STARTS’ in the areas of our lives where we have 2:00 Scorpio in our Natal Chart. But for all of us, it brings a new beginning in the area of shared resources, intimacy, taxes, debt, honesty and integrity. Actually, in the Age of Aquarius, the new Quantum Age of things, Scorpio energies are transformed and taxes will be changed dramatically and ‘debt’ must go away. The 3D way of ‘debt enslavement’ is making way for true integrity, honesty and transparency in all dealings. But Scorpio is also a place where we can merge what we each have (Taurus) with others to arrive at arrangements that feel honest and shows we know we are connected. Scorpios want to merge and blend themselves with others and that involves financial merging too. But it is done with the highest ethical understanding.

This Eclipse has Venus Conjunct both the Sun and Moon as she is at 2:40 Scorpio so this is also like an Eclipse in Taurus. Taurus rules our own wealth and Scorpio rules resources of others that we share. This Eclipse will involve ALL money. We will EACH receive a ‘fresh start’ in our personal wealth AND in our shared areas of finances, like taxes and loans (without interest or usury).

Solar Eclipse at 2:00 Scorpio, Oct 25, 6:49am EST

In the Eclipse chart, the Sun, Moon and Venus make a Quincunx to Jupiter Rx at 0:15 Aries. There is some adjustment required here. If we are only focused on our own spiritual quest at the moment, we will be asked to consider the big picture of our finances shared globally with all.

In the Eclipse chart, we have Mercury Conjunct Psyche at 22+ Libra, so our 3D mind is Conjunct our Soul mind assisting us in navigating into the Soulful Age of Aquarius. Mercury rules the transfer of money and there is a new way of doing this in the Quantum era that is ‘unhackable.’ The old SWIFT system will go away and be replaced. Our Quantum consciousness can put us in touch with the infinite abundance of the Universe, direct from Source with no lower consciousness interference. Mercury will be Quincunx Neptune and Trine Mars and just slightly over a 3 degree orb of a Square to Pluto which is talk of nuclear things, suspicion, rumors of war, etc. They will exact this Square on Thursday morning, 9:08am.

Solar Eclipse energies, it is said, last a year for every minute of the Sun’s Eclipse. However, they affect us most strongly over the roughly next 6 months until the next Solar Eclipse, Apr 20, 2023 at 29:50 Aries.

NOTE: There is a Lunar Eclipse on Nov 8 at 16:01 Taurus that will complete this Eclipse cycle. Where a Solar Eclipse is felt strongly for 5-6 months and offers a ‘fresh start’, a Lunar Eclipse is very acute shutting down something in our lives to make room for the fresh start of the Solar Eclipse. In Taurus it can end a way of earning a living, you your 2-weeks notice to move to something new. More as we draw closer.

At 12:29pm Mercury at 23:03 Libra Quincunx Neptune Rx at 23:03 Pisces.

We need to adjust our conscious mind with our subconscious mind in order to relate better. The adjustment will likely be to let go of any fear or to recognize that we are playing with a ‘mirror’ of ourselves and move to resolve any issues.

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