Fear COLLAPSED & Quickening Achieved – Oct 26/27

Day 2 of the Scorpio month. Day 17 of the Eclipse Wormhole.

Wednesday, Oct 26, EST

At 11:36pm Mercury at 25:32 Libra Trines Mars at 25:32 Gemini.

A nice, easy aspect around initiating communication with friends, neighbors, siblings/cousins, etc. We feel confident to act in ways that support our closest relating-ships. We may be driving around town to help others in some way.

Thursday, Oct 27

At 9:08am Mercury at 26:12 Libra Squares Pluto at 26:12 Capricorn.

This is the elephant in the room. Suspicion abounds for those in 3D. Rumors, headlines and talking of ‘wars’, especially the ‘nuclear’ kind that Pluto rules. Fear begins to secure its grip on those in lower/3D consciousness. Just let them run like chickens with their heads cut off… this NEEDS to happen in order for them to wake-up. Remember, Libra is the 9th House of ‘global’ matters so this is likely a global scare that escalates quickly. The REAL purpose is to face a global calamity to finally OVERCOME ALL FEAR and ascend together. Mercury is in orb of his Quadranovile to Uranus (see below) and ‘in a twinkling of an eye’ the world can change because WE change. PS – I wrote a novel about this exact event 24 years ago: Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug. NO FEAR!!! if the objective!

At 6:00pm Venus at 5:45 Scorpio BiSeptiles Saturn at 18:36 Aquarius.

The BiSeptile brings us spiritual responsibilities and connections to group Karma. Like the sacrificial lamb of the Old Testament, personified in the Christ story, their is ‘tribal/group’ (Uranus/Aquarius) ‘sin’ (or creation of duality). Venus in Scorpio brings in both ‘money’ house energies and Saturn rules authority while Aquarius rules groups, awakening, making things equal and lightning fast. Here many will see the need to divest themselves of ‘wealth’ for the benefit of the tribe. And another awareness moving us into 5D.

At 10:56pm Venus at 6:00 Scorpio Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 0:00 Aries.

Some wonderful magical healing around finances, self, intimacy, higher consciousness and love. All very 5D and Soulful. Jupiter also rules forgiveness. Scorpio ruled ‘debt’ in 3D/4D. Venus rules our personal bottom line and the Biquintile makes it all quantum and love. Aries is the 3rd House, ruled by Mercury in the Age of Aquarius, and involves money transfer, communications and ideas. But Jupiter and the Biquintile bring him into higher and 5D consciousness.

Friday, Oct 28

At 1:10am Jupiter Retrograde Ingresses Pisces.

Now Jupiter returns to the 2nd House of ‘personal assets’ in the Age of Aquarius. Pisces in 5D means things may not be seen, but they sure are KNOWN via our Higher-Mind, Godhead, Neptune. Jupiter is going to help us to understand how to elevate out of the karma that Neptune holds onto for us in 3D and 4D. We are going to let it all go as Jupiter moves through the Anaretic/critical degree of 29+ Pisces. Jupiter Stations Direct at 28:48 Pisces on Nov 23. He will leave Pisces on Dec 20, Semi-Square Uranus Rx for the 3rd time on Dec 23 and stay in Aries through May 16, 2023.

At 2:15am Mercury at 27:24 Libra Quadranoviles Uranus Rx at 17:24 Taurus.

This is a perfect aspect for a ‘Quickening/Awakening’ event. Quadranoviles at 160 degrees and bring about alternative, unexpected possibilities. Emergency communications. Something cutting through Mercury’s fear to ‘wake him up.’ Taurus is the 4th House in the Age of Aquarius so there could be some message around ‘home’. Libra is the 9th House of broadcasting in Age of Aquarius. Loads of ways this will play out, but Uranus seeks to AWAKEN. Shake us out of our rut and move into his Quantum realm with a NEW internet, currency and ways of communicating.

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