Redemption is at Hand – Oct 29

Saturday, Oct 29, EST

At 12:57am Mercury at 29:00 Libra Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 23:00 Pisces.

Mercury is just wrapping up in Libra while the Sun and Venus were Conjunct at 2:00 Scorpio for the Solar Eclipse. Mercury is still thinking about relating, compromising, using diplomacy and chatting up his close friends. Tonight it is going to be miraculous as he is feeling deep contentment and effortless energy. Transfer of money is also possible. Media could actually seek to strike a balance rather than their usual division.

At 1:40am the Sun at 5:46 Scorpio BiSeptiles Saturn at 18:37 Aquarius.

Venus just made this aspect on Thursday evening. Now we are going to SEE how those desires around our wealth and values have shaped up. The BiSeptile is spiritual connection to group karma. Saturn in Aquarius is causing authorities to equalize things universally. Philanthropy is responsible leadership. The Sun is showing us the state of our shared resources with those who hold the purse strings. In the Age of Aquarius, Scorpio is the 10th House and ruled by Saturn. So authority now exists to provide resources. We can SEE how to be RESPONSIBLE around resources and how to equalizing things.

At 4:37am the Sun at 5:54 Scorpio Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 29:54 Pisces.

So close to the above aspect, we may feel so optimistic about our financial future that it all is working out well. We feel deep contentment and can imagine a future that is bright.

At 12:45pm Venus at 7:59 Scorpio Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 22:59 Pisces.

Venus is leading the Personal Planets and now she is adjusting to create an ease after her own Biquintile to Neptune last Saturday morning. She may be hesitant to share herself or her resources, but if she checks herself and let’s that old ‘fear of lack’ go, there will be an ease.

At 1:32pm Mercury at 29:52 Libra Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 29:52 Pisces.

Our optimism about the future needs to adjust to our relating-ship ideas or vice versa. Jupiter in Pisces is all about REDEMPTION for a fresh start to occur. Get ready for those appointments!

At 3:22pm Mercury Ingresses Scorpio.

Now Mercury joins Venus and the Sun in the Sign of intimacy, transparency, honesty and shared resources and ethics. Mercury is our ‘lens’ to the 3D/physical world. So now we can begin to SEE what all the Solar Eclipse was about. Though it will likely wait until Mercury reaches 2:00 Scorpio at 8:00pm on Oct 30. Now the ‘transfer’ of monies can occur! As Mercury moves through Scorpio, he will bring us the ability to communicate, contract and ‘spend’ those shared resources. The Sun and Venus up ahead are showing us the path of our desires and personal bottom-lines.

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