Our Desires are Magical and Expansive – Nov 3

Thursday, Nov 3, EST, pm

At 1:18pm Venus at 14:17 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 26:17 Capricorn.

I didn’t get to write about this before it exacted. I hope it was effortless magic for you. Shared resources are really being transformed and it will fit our new paradigm for ascension into the Quantum Age of peace and prosperity. We can easily merge with others today.

At 5:15pm Venus at 14:29 Scorpio Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 29:29 Pisces.

This aspect calls for an adjustment, but with the 2 Healing Planets it is unlikely to hurt or irritate. We will be ready to make the necessary adjustment in order to have the ‘ease’ offered here. As for our money and other’s money that we use, we are seeing how to forgive, forget and be more charitable.

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