Misinformation & Financial Endings – Nov 4/5

Friday, Nov 4, EST

At 10:01pm Mercury at 10:24 Scorpio Ses-Squares Mars Rx at 25:24 Gemini.

This is the 2nd aspect of Mercury moving through the applying Mars/Neptune Square making a Ses-Square to both Planets. Both Venus and the Sun have already moving through this Finger of Irritation. Now we can expect to SEE something that expresses the clarity and values you had from the Sun (Oct 31-Nov 2) and Venus (Oct 29-31). Mercury rules Mars Transiting through his Sign of Gemini so there is plenty of mental activity. Topics may include shared finances, local transportation, neighbors, siblings and intimate partners. Mars will not exact a Square to Neptune for the 2nd time on Nov 19. Their 1st Square was on Oct 12. Mars Square Neptune can create confusion around our motivations and Mars in Gemini makes that ‘misinformation’ and/or hidden actions. We could hesitate to make our usual trips around town or run our errands. Mercury is going to express something that reveals the struggle is real. On the other hand, from 5D, you are in tune with why you are hesitating and it could have to do with a financial situation or integrity of actions. You are acting from a deep place and happy to ‘do less.’

At 10:25 Venus at 16:01 Scorpio Conjuncts the degree of the Nov 8 Lunar Eclipse.

Our desires could reflect or foreshadow something that is being ‘shut down’ at the Lunar Eclipse. There could be a financial situation that will be leaving in order to more fully move into the promise of the Oct 25 Solar Eclipse at 2:00 Scorpio. Ethics, transparency, debts, loans, etc. are part of the ‘fresh start’. Time to move out of an old financial situation.

Saturday, Nov 5, am

At 4:57am the Sun at 12:55 Scorpio Quincunx Chiron Rx at 12:55 Aries.

We must adjust our intimacy or financial goals right now in order to manage someone’s insecurities or our own. Lack of motivation could be a temporary feeling that shows us how we need to be more above-board in all areas where integrity is involved.

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